About YogaLuvv

Helping young women create balance and cultivate self-compassion with mindfulness and yoga-based practices.

Hi I’m Tabby 👋 I founded YogaLuvv with the mission of helping others start or maintain a consistent mindfulness practice, and to make wellness alternatives more widely accessible. I found, in my own history of trauma, the need for talk therapy, medicine, and a body-based approach. Everyone’s path to wellness in mind, body, and spirit is unique and there is no one route to wellness. However, yoga is the uniting force that brings these elements together for me and helps me integrate life lessons, so I’m paying it forward to mentor others through my teachings, programs, and the safe spaces I hold. I incorporate teachings from my yoga training such as alignment, breathwork, and meditation. I also incorporate my studies from Brene Brown’s sociological research, particularly the concept of Braving the Wilderness, to help you recognize the importance of developing your own values, following them, and creating stillness in your life to balance your busy energy and stop seeking external validation. The ultimate goal is to equip you with the practices and mindset needed to live a thriving life created by YOU and your own unique connection with Spirit/Source/God. 🙏 I am not a guru, and I do not have all the answers, but I aim to guide you to the wellspring that holds the answers… yourself and your connect with the Divine, no matter your spiritual beliefs.

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