- always a student -

My name is Rina, and my walk with yoga began in Feb 2021.

I took my first yoga class in 2010 at a Bikram yoga studio and continued practicing asanas since. It wasnt until the pandemic, becoming a proud Mom of a child on the spectrum and battling a depressive state when I took my first step into this spiritual practice. A kind of practice where I allowed myself to take the seat of the observer.

My practice with yoga beyond the asanas began when I enrolled into Yoga Teacher training. I am a RYT-200 currently working on my 300-HR. This event, this experience, has shifted my outlook on the universe and myself to a point where I see wellness and wholeness amid the horizon.

"I am on the verge of waking up..."

I am learning to hold space, so I can hold space for others. I hope to deepen my practice further before I feel ready to lead a class. In the meantime, my credentials are merely letters.

o n a n o t h e r n o t e . . .

I moonlight as a yogi and eke out as a Freelance writer. I wrote and self-published my first but not my last novel, "Finn's Girl, Ruby," under the nom de plume, Viola Day. If you're feeling existential and romantic, you can check it out on Amazon. I am also a mother to a darling toddler who knows how to exhaust my energy.

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My Mission

My calling matters...

- Hold space and time for practitioners to find the moment, the opportunity and the experience to connect with their body,  mind and true inner being.

- To have students feel seen and listened to.

- To incorporate self-awareness and self-study and have students carry that off the mat.

- To remind students that there is neither a universal look to the asanas nor a single way to practice.

- To encourage autonomy, allowing students find a practice that aligns with their own expression of being.

- To create a welcoming space that brings students back to their practice.

- To hold space for practitioners to become more fortified in their being and respond and exist with their phenomenal world.

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