Where you can find me

Come to Practise

●6pm-7pm, Anytime Fitness Victoria Park Vinyasa Flow

●6.30pm -7.30pm, Adrenaline Vault Belmont
Dynamic Vinyasa Flow

●6.30pm-7.30pm, Curtin Stadium
Slow Vinyasa

●1pm - 2pm, Curtin Stadium
Slow Vinyasa

●9.15am-10.15am, Anytime Fitness Bentley
Vinyasa Flow

Yoga is for everyone

If there's one thing I've learned about yoga, it's that there are no absolutes in this practice. What works for one person might not work for someone else. What works for you today, might not work tomorrow. It's an incredibly versatile practice that can be modified to suit almost any need or taste. So it bugs the heck out of me when I hear people make generalizations or put labels on the practice of yoga.

Yoga Myths and Misconceptions

Yoga is NOT only for the flexible and skinny people.

Yoga is NOT only for women.

Yoga is NOT only for the young people.

Yoga is NOT a religion.

Yoga is NOT just a stretching or another workout or a health trend.

Yoga is NOT a competition.

Yoga is NOT one size fits all.

Yoga is NOT all the same.

Yoga is NOT just an asana.

To be clear…

Yoga is an ancient practice, often shrouded in mystery. But mysterious doesn’t mean bad. If you’re interested in core strength, balance and a greater mind/body connection, then head to the mat!

How it all started...

I don’t think anyone just wakes up one day and thinks to themselves ‘I want to be a yoga teacher!’ I mean I’m sure someone has, but it’s generally not how it goes.

I had been looking for some practical tools I could implement for myself. My health and my body became greatly affected. I knew if nothing changed things would become worse. I began searching for something what really feeds my soul. I found myself in a Beginners yoga class at a local yoga studio because I had heard that “yoga is good for you”. Little did I know, that one class was the beginning of a life-long process of understanding the physical body and more importantly, challenging the monkey mind. And since then, I've never looked back. I felt the shift and changes in my body and mind.

I completed my 350hrs yoga teacher training and further 14hrs training in Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Wisdom Yoga Institute Australia. I couldn’t believe how much I loved it and loved what it was doing for not only my jacked up body but also my mind. It has without a doubt completely changed my whole way of living and I can’t go a day without it. I continued to train to become Ashtanga Yoga teacher and this became my personal practice and I absolutely love it.

I love the challenge from every practice on both a physical and a mental level, learning when to push and when to rest, learning that every day is different and having the self acceptance and awareness that comes with that. Seeing the difference and the change yoga gave me is what lead me wanting to share it with anyone who is looking for the same and perhaps more.