Yokai Society

In Japan, the creatures and strange phenomena of folklore are referred to as “Yokai”.

Yokai Society Tattoo is based off the eccentric quality that surrounds Japanese yōkai. We provide a wide range of styles and custom tattoo designs, while exploring old traditions and new technologies. Our studio specializes in American and Japanese Traditional, Fine Line, Dot Work and Florals.

The creation of yōkai was a way of interpreting or explaining the otherwise mysterious things we observe around us.

Historically yōkai were associated with myths, folktales, and legends. They were used as a way of putting a face to natural disasters and to teach life lessons.

Most yōkai are based off real animals or inanimate objects. They were said to have the ability to shape shift, taking on the form of a person or another animal or object in order to cause trouble and mischief. Some yōkai assume humanlike appearances, and others look like sprites or monsters, but that doesn’t mean they are bad, usually they are comical.

Tattoo Styles

We specialize in various techniques to create a wide range of styles.

Understanding what style you are drawn to will assist your artist in creating a tattoo based off your ideas.

•Japanese• Known as “Traditional Japanese, Irezumi, Neo Japanese”

Key Points: Colorful, Flattened Perspectives, Illustrative Line Work, Use of Negative Space.

Imagery: Dragons, Tigers, Koi, Hannya, Oni, Yokai, Deities, Fu Dogs, Samuari, Kitsune, Frogs, Cats, Cranes, Snakes, Namakubai, Chrysanthamums.


{This imagery is done in every style! Florals are a popular concept that works for any tattoo.}

•Traditional• Known As “Trad, Old School, American Traditional, Western Style”

Key Points: Bold lines, Strong Colors and Contrast, Long Lasting.

Imagery: Military Influence, Eagles, Skulls, Daggers, Roses, Swallows, Panthers, Snakes, Clipper Ships, Reapers, Butterflies, Pin Ups.

•Neo Traditional• Known As “Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Ornamental, Contemporary, Filigree”

Key Points: Ranged Color Palette, Varying Line Width, Smooth Shading.

Imagery: Filigree, Lace, Ornamental, Women, Animals, Florals, Foliage, Frames, Art Nouveau.

•Illustrative• Known As ”Dot Work, Fine Line”

Key Point: A Very Steady and Accurate Hand, Heavy black, Use of Negative Space, Etched or Stamp Look.

Imagery: Cross Hatching, Parallel Lines, Patterns, Geometric Shapes, Dots, Knot Work.

•Black and Grey•

{Commonly refereed to as a “Style”, But actually just a color choice. Any style can be done this way.}

Walk-ins are always welcomed

Let’s have a consultation and plan out your next tattoo.

We’re located in the “Hood Plaza” at the corner of Green Street and Fort Hood Street.

Just mins from Fort Hood, we’re in a perfect location for food, alterations, barber and beauty shops. While at our studio stop next door to Naruto Ramen for some authentic Japanese ramen. Right around the corner is Joe’s Pizza and Pasta, Subway and Taco Bell.

There is plenty of parking in our plaza and along Green Street. We are also handicap accessible.

Yokai Society Tattoo
616 N Fort Hood St, Bldg A104
Killeen, Texas 76541

Monday: 12-6:30pm
Tuesday: 12-6:30pm
Wednesday: 12-6:30pm
Thursday: 12-6:30pm
Friday: 12-8pm
Saturday: 12-8pm
Sunday: 12-8pm

We take appointments until 6:30pm, sometimes we’re open past this point of tattooing.

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