a total 180 on business

Have you ever felt weird wanting to discuss money and business? Especially so when in the role of a wife and mom?

I hear ya friend.

Funny thing is, money is such a large part of our life, if it weren’t, husbands wouldn’t spend most of their time at work to make sure mortgage and bills and all things are covered for. Or, why is it that it feels so good to find a bargain, or to have a garage sale and make a few hundred, or sell an item on facebook marketplace? Because money is a necessity, it is the economy we live in. And having more of it allows us to do more things, which is actually not even wrong.

What if there were a way that you could earn an income, while at peace, having fun, and feeling fulfilled?

I dare to go as far and challenge the thought of: making money should be no big deal.

Let’s take the woman in Pr.31 as an example, she had several money making activities going on. No just one, not just a small little thing - because it goes as far to describe her buying a field. and it talks about how her husband and children call her blessed, and ends the chapter on a note of how a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. It definitely also talks about her role as a homemaker. So in a nutshell: she is described as someone who yields her life to God, a wife, a mom, and a business owner (she was making money). Isn’t that interesting? What if the desire to have an income producing activity is actually totally ok? Good even?

By all means, if that is not you, there is nothing at all wrong with you and I love that you love where you’re at. I respect and admire you. There is so much we can learn from you.

What rings true to me is that in business, I find another source of enthusiastic service: fulfillment. For me, making money is fun because it means I have added value to someone’s life. To me, business is a source that fills my bucket because business is all about serving another human. To me, it even means that I show up as a better child of God, wife, mom, etc. It has put me on a plane of always becoming a better version of myself. You can find your source of enthusiastic service other than in business, definitely, but I don’t relate to that. So my mission is to help those that are curious and drawn to business, that crave the fulfillment that work creates, and need help finding the next steps.

Because what if making money was truly not a big deal? And what if it could be done with ease, and peace, and fulfillment. Hustle and grind is not a culture I believe in, I do however, believe in work. Work that is exciting and SO fulfilling because it aligns with who you are and how you’re created to serve.

Your gift will make room for you, the Bible clearly says so.

Your gift + passion : profit. It really can be that simple.

Money and business don’t have to be weird. They can actually be very normal and fun and rewarding topics. Can I show you what that means?

We’ll debunk why sales are usually seen negatively and how we can change that for you. Have you ever thought about the fact that sales might scare you because the only sales experiences you remember are the bad ones? And that sales done right, doesn’t even feel like sales? Just like someone actually cared and helped fill a need of yours. It's like when you go into the dress store in need of a new outfit but you’re a little stuck on what looks good and a kind lady comes by and helps you find the right fit using her expertise in fashion, when you leave the store you feel that you have been well taken care of.

We’ll also talk about what it means to work without hustle. Little hint: it has got a lot to do with positioning yourself in a place of gratitude for where you’re at currently, while excited about where you’re headed. More importantly, this puts you in a place where you can co-create with God. Work is a lot lighter when you don’t need to carry it all on your own strength.

We’ll talk about what it means to work from a place that is unique to you, plays to your strengths and skills, without needing to feel like you need to copy someone else’s playbook. It’s about accessing the ideas within you, I’ll show you exactly how to do this! It's so much fun!!!

I could give you the action steps, but without addressing the thoughts behind the action, you likely wouldn’t see long - term results. Mindset and thoughts play a HUGE role in business and I’ll show you exactly what I mean by this. Again, this part right here is critical to being able to work from a place of ease, peace, and fulfilling purpose.

Last but least, we can also discuss why money is broadly perceived as a selfish pursuit, an evil thing even. I’ve spent the last year or so being intensely curious about this and at this point my perspective on money has done a complete 180. It’s been shocking to learn what God’s stance is on the whole thing, life - changing might just be the understatement of the year.

So much GOOD!!! Once you understand these key principles you’re set. You’ll enjoy the work, find meaning in it (much larger than just the income), and you’ll have the knowledge on how to accomplish what you want.

This whole package has been in the making of years of trial and error, more learning, more experimenting, and still more trial and error, with the constant determination that I’d figure it out yet. I wish someone would have offered this exact workshop 3 years ago. It would have simplified the learning curve x100, but it's ok, because now I can be that person for you.

A business condition of ease, peace & purpose awaits you! Can’t wait to see you there!!!!

mindful shopping made easy

& why Young Living?

To me, mindful living includes making educated choices around the products and supplements in the home.

Toxic products are a big deal and unfortunately, we can’t trust grocery store labeling due to greenwashing - making something sound a certain way without it being truly accurate. So if we can have an easy button for all things totally safe and non - toxic, then why on earth not? It beats having to do extensive research on all of the ingredients on all of the products. 😅

Research on Young Living proves over and over again that they are a company of integrity, service, and pure heart. From the seeds they plant to the projects they support, they genuinely care about people. Ten minutes on their website always leaves me in awe and a heart full of gratitude.

Plus, social selling is here to stay. For companies to give the opportunity for everyday people to a source of flexible income, a creative and fulfilling outlet, is nothing short of amazing. People get to support a family’s small business (or big) at no extra cost to them. Everyone wins.

So not only do they give customers an easy button to shop their wellness products, it allows for everyday people to start a business, and with that, comes a journey of great growth which will bear fruit in all areas of life. Isn’t that neat?

If you like the idea of having a one stop shop for supplements, non - toxic products, and oils, click the link below. You can make a free account (just like you do at Amazon) to unlock a 24% discount off all products. As you’re making an account it’ll ask for an enroller and sponsor ID, if you’d like for me to be your oily and non - toxic support, use 4380050 for both slots. This means that if at any point you questions about anything YL, I’m your girl and will be more than happy to help you find what you need.

here to help if you’ve got any questions :)

mindful shopping made easy