Birth Worker/Healer

Helping Navigate Women through Loss, Conception, Pregnancy and Postpartum

Welcome! I’m Sarah Roy! I’m a certified birth doula, yoga instructor, breath worker and meditation guider.

Who does my service benefit?

✨Women who have had or are going through a miscarriage.
✨Women who are trying to conceive
✨Women who are pregnant.
✨And women who are about to or just began their postpartum journey.

I currently am working on a virtual support program for miscarriage warriors. It will include videos of gentile movement, breathwork, meditation, and vision casting. It’s been such a gift helping women heal after loss and give them hope and the courage to try again and go into pregnancy with confidence over anxiety.

I am a new momma myself. My rainbow girl, Hannah came into this world on January 30th 2022. She’s a huge part of my practice. She’s what I prayed for, meditated about and manifested. She my breathing masterpiece.

You may be trying to conceive after loss(es), pregnant and newly postpartum. I’m sure many have shared with you that it will be and is a stressful time. But, is it because the fear other put into our minds, or is it really that stressful? I’m here to help take that fear and truly help guide you into trusting and respecting the body you are in.

The pain is real.
The tears are real.
The prayers are real.
The grief is real.
The anxiety is real.
So are the rainbows.

Now that I have walked through every stage of loss, pregnancy and postpartum I’m realizing the fear is being instilled in our minds from others. I’m here to help shift that mindsets and turn this into an enjoyable time.
Yes, even loss. Yes, even trying to conceive and the multiple jabs given. Yes, even the broken and bruised ribs we get while pregnant and YES, even postpartum and those sleepless nights and raw nipples.

Feel free to message me if you’re looking for support. Follow along, I’ll be announcing soon when my course will be available for loss and conception and will be then working on one for pregnancy and postpartum.