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Heyy there lovely soul!

Hi! I'm a 3/5 martyr-heretic emotional manifestor. This profile has been given to me by birth. I'm here to initiate things, lead and serve you all however I can.
My strategy is to inform and my not self theme is anger (So if you find me in an angry moment, don't forget to tell me that it's not me and it's not who I am!)
I'm just a being in this universe who is meant to learn life long and make the most of this existence.
I'm not my thoughts, I'm not my body, I'm just a soul, just energy.
My intention is to serve my purpose (which I am always exploring) and to truly know who I am.
I choose to see every obstacle through a lens of love and help whoever I can on this journey.
I am strongly working and exploring different kinds of emotions spiritually and how they connect us all.
I am working with mysterious versions and the roots of our emotions and the ancient history behind them.
As I learn, I'll share my knowledge and connect with you all.
✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨
I hope after reading this, you stop judging yourself, you stop hating yourself, you stop being harsh on yourself because I'm no different than you are❤️


Read the experiences of people who worked with me

I give my best to all those who take the leap of faith in me.
Have a look!


When it comes to understanding the spirituality in the morden context and times,one person always crosses my mind,Nehal.
She has her perspectives about life moulded in a very unique way and thats what makes her relate to the people who come to her.
I am older than her in age but she has so much experience than any other youth these days. I had tough time getting my emotions stable and she made it so easy for me to get through it. No matter what time it is,she is actually available 24X7.
Talking to her feels so light and no matter you are having a good day or a bad day , one conversation with her can make those 'I CAN'T' into 'I CAN ' very easily.


I have been friends with nehal for more than 7 years now.There are N number of things that have kept our friendship unbreakable ever since but one thing that has made our relationship strongest is that I know whenever I need any kind of help related to any freaking thing I know she is the one who is going to give her 100% to help me out at that moment.
I wasn't so sorted as a teenager but when I had a friend like nehal, there I had all solutions to anything bothering me.
I have seen Nehal helping people selflessly not only her friends but also strangers and that quality is so rare.I am so happy that she has finally started something that she loves i.e. MINDSET COACHING on a bigger platform now.
Anybody who is looking for any help can definitely approach her and she would be the last person on this planet to judge you. Trust me! So go ahead.😊


This is Tanu Jain. I am one of the person nehal has helped to overcome some personal life issues which i was really unable to handle and tolerate but she made sure to make me remember who i am a strong person with better life further. At first i was really shy to talk to her i met her through my school friend or we can say common friend but her super friendly nature gave me such a comfort that made me talk about myself very frankly with her. She has a really beautiful way to send all the good positive vibes.
She understands, listen and discuss things in a very descriptive way so that whatever a person is feeling is able to speak, she helped me through my bad times and definitely a lovely person.
I am really glad i met her she is just perfect at her job.


So I had texted Nehal a few days back to catch up in the lock down
As my final year placements were going on I was naturally facing stress and time management related issues upon speaking about this with her and hearing her tell me about the mind body and universe it widened my perspective and her small advices really helped ease my mind and do better in general.


Nehal has always been a constant supporter when it comes to me exploring different aspects of spirituality.
The best thing about her mindset coaching program is that is she has a very personal and friendly approach of mentoring; with dedicated resources and specially designed program for each individual.
She has a very in depth perspective about various life aspects and she delivers her immense knowledge which she gathers from numerous resources in a very short and understandable manner, her techniques are practical approach and experience driven.
These self-growth minset coaching sessions with nehal was a fun and exiting journey and I cherished each and every moment of it, trust me it's definitely worth it all.


when it comes to having a doubt about any sort of thing happening in my life nehal is the first person that comes into my mind especially when i need to boost up my mind, she has always been there.
i am thankful and happy to have a friend like her who never gives up on me when i am stuck.
As far as i know being a mindset coach is not just a profession for her, it is her choice of helping people no matter what.
And i like the idea of her helping people as it give her peace of mind by watching people having peace in their lives.
So,if you seriously want to take you lives on track she is the best person to do it with.


Thank you for such a valuable conversation. After our conversation I've literally analysed that we guys always focus on controlling our emotions and not letting them flow whereas what we should actually keep doing is letting them flow in a guided manner so that it doesn't harm us and anybody else.

We should always work on ourselves and our personal development. Practicing self healing is literally building up my self confidence. Thanks for helping and you're really doing a great job. Keep Shining ✨


Nehal till now my energy was really stoic , I everyday battled resisted and built myself up just day by day, and it felt like moving hardly in cold winds of winter , even slower. But your authentic Energy & genuineness which were then in flow with your actions , became the last push to my dam , which broken away from that long roaring river from my heart , from them onwards I really feel nourished from that stream daily ....and it helps me a lot. Now it's no more a big deal . A thing of past , which whenever comes in front of me in forms of small roadblocks , either I am capable of breaking it or passing from near it as I surrender like the divine feminine I am .
Thanks to the Divine guidance and alignment , which brought us together , and like a beautiful catalyst of change , you helped me breakthrough a major road block.

Thank you Nehal , it really means a lot❤️.

I wish you all the divine love , guidance and abundance that's already yours , may you recieve it always with open arms and let that vessel of yours be cleansed , healed , nourished by divine essence always .
Keep growing , prospering and being just you.
Enjoy ur happy self and everything else that you are❤️


My experience with Nehal was amazing. If in actual terms I put she sets your mind. I found new things about which I had no idea earlier and those concepts definitely helped me. I tried implementing those ideas which shaped my perspective in a new way. I enjoyed my session with her and I wish she keeps coming up with some new content which will motivate people. Keep inspiring and keep smiling . ❤️❤️


Today we both met after long time she is my mutual friend and its always great to meet her I loved Sharing my experiences at our last night stay also though we were not so mature then but lately we improved a bit 🤪
So Komal wanted to me to take out all my thoughts and speak out to her as she felt i was going through a lot in my mind as she thinks she knows me more than I do myself *joker 🃏 so I gave a thought to it and started conversing with Nehal,
am a shy personality who takes a bit time to become friends with someone but when I become I want to make sure I be for them in any means :p and then get a fear of losing people 😅 which is quite kiddish which Nehal analyzed on her own and ya i did had that fear but not anymore, as we all are growing up we must learn to grow with our constant changes and situations