“I come thruu, I come hiiigh”

Art (Before Anything Else). 'ArtBAE' is adding to her bag of tricks and expanding her artistic expressions. Already an acredited visual artist and abstract painter, she now begins her journey into the world of music. After years of reading live poetry, joining freestyle cyphers and finding herself creatively her single 'High' is the first sneak peak into her debut EP.

Already creating a buzz out of the West Coast especially in the Pacific Northwest, this Alaskan born Seattle native has a brand that is picking up steam. Fans often describe 'ArtBAE' as a well rounded recording artist. She is often acknowledged for her heart felt lyrics, laid back sounds, natural energy and precise beat selection. Influenced by icons like ‪Erykah Badu‬, Bone Thugs N Harmony , Amy Winehouse, LadybugMecca and Lauryn Hill. ‘ArtBAE' finds her own path experimenting with different song structures and vocal tones.

This young Queen exudes the energies of a Goddess with her walk, with her talk, and with her message. Empowered by her life experiences both good and bad 'ArtBAE' creates music that is meant to not only be enjoyed but meant to inspire. On stage her tracks hit hard, her lyrics are potent and she puts on an exciting show. She uses her melodic style and clever wordplay to sonically uplift and inspire the people. 'ArtBAE' is a student of the game and prides herself on writing her own music and maintaining a hands on approach in all aspects of creative control, from production all the way to graphic design. 

If the opportunity presented itself she'd like to work with some artists and producers like ‪DJ Mustard‬, Snoop Dogg, NoName ,Ari Lennox and Wiz Khalifa. Join her journey and experince excellence.
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What’s ArtBAE on?

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ArtBAE Giveaway

I dropped ‘High’ on August 2nd, as a thank you to my friends for streaming and posting videos while listening. I want to GIFT one of you a custom made abstract painting however you want it. Click picture for more info on how to participate in the #ArtBAEgiveaway

What you smoking?

I’m smoking ‘Space Bomb’ a lot this week! It’s a giggly uplifting creative hiiigh. It has helped me a lot with my depression. Its a Sativa dom that doesn’t give me a racy head hiiigh. Its good for casual conversation and it’s good to smoke before you go out to socialize.

How do you keep your spirits real lifted and your aura real bright?

I strongly believe in karma so I’m always making sure I’m giving the best energy and vibes, so I’ll receive the same in return. I do this by meditating everyday, I try to meditate first thing in the morning before checking social media or responding to text messages. Right now I’m working on my solar plexus chakra. I use stones, ritual baths, aromatherapy, I sage and palo santo my space regularly and I eat right and smoke weed every day to keep my anxiety under control. I also spend one day a week not talking to anyone so I can focus on recharging myself, this is called my self care Sunday. I get most of my energy tools from the Vajra in Seattle.

Your life path number is 8 what’s that like?

I love being a life path 8, I seek success and when I try hard I succeed at almost everything. Click on this tab to learn more about my life path and to discover yours.

You’re a Pisces?

YES I’m like the proudest Pisces, I’m actually a double Pisces. Im very intuitive, I’m empathic and very in touch with my and other people’s emotions. I love being a Pisces so much, we are definitely different from the other beautiful signs but we’re just as amazing.

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‘Show Respect Showcase’ Performance


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