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❤ Upcoming! 'OF BOOKS & SUNSHINE' An Exciting New Programme for Mums with kids 3-4 yo launching in May 2022! Details out soon!

💥NEW! SMART GOAL SETTING session to achieve your goals! For Secondary to JC students (1-1 or group available)

⭐ For PSLE 2022 children.
December School Holiday 4-Day Online Workshop for a Confident Headstart into Sec 1: '7 Secrets to Excellence'

⭐ Workshops and programme for mums and children to build better connection (suitable for mums with children 3 to 18 yo)

⭐ 1-1 Online customised programme for mums to support their kids to maximise their potential

⭐ 1-1 Online programme to help teenagers attain academic excellence and happiness through motivational coaching and time-management skills.

⭐ 1-1 and group online Geography coaching for secondary school students.



"Before the session, I was not sure how to study to achieve better grades. I was also spending too much time on TV and my mobile phone. After the engaging session with Coach Edna, I'm able to think through why I did not do well in CA1. The best part is I've derived a plan for me to work on to achieve my goals for 'O' levels and I'm very motivated to work on them. I would highly recommend this session to any students who need to seek clarity on their action plans to achieve excellence for their exams."
Evangeline, 'O' Level student

And this is what her mum says:
"I can see that less time is spent on handphone and TV. More time has been spent on school and tuition homework. At least there is momentum and positive change in attitude towards study/work as compared to the past."


'Hi Edna! An update on Hakimi’s progress. He’s doing very well now in poly after switching from JC. He’s also taking Art classes and Japanese language lessons. He’s very clear about what he wants to do and has his plans laid out. More importantly, my son is happier now doing what he’s passionate in. Will be forever grateful to you for coaching him and being a part of his journey of self-discovery.. 💕'

Mdm Siti Hajar, mum of Hakimi, 1st year polytechnic student

'Before coaching with Ms Edna, I couldn’t manage my time properly and often felt stressed. It was affecting my school performance and my relationship with friends and family. During my coaching journey, Ms Edna coached me to take actions to plan my time in such a way that I could spend time efficiently for school work, friends, family and for my own hobby. I am no longer stressed and doing very well in school too. My relationships with my family and friends also improved by leaps and bounds.’

Claire, 16. IB student

'My son’s mood improved. I can sense increased positivity and confidence after 2 sessions of coaching with Ms Edna. Previously he would always say he’s just average. Now he has also taken initiative to make arrangements with the Maths tutor to re-arrange for make-up tuition himself. Previously, I would have to remind him many times.'

Mdm Siti, mother of JC1 student


After 4 sessions of coaching with mum:

Edna provided us with lots of good tips and techniques to help our son, Elliot, to find joy in his learning and set realistic goals for the year. He has since been motivated to keep improving himself and discover his passion in music again. Thanks, Edna! 😊

Pat, mother of 16yo Elliot, IB student


Ms Edna’s coaching was definitely a life-changing experience for me. I met Ms Edna via a referral when I was in Secondary 3. With progressive coaching, Ms Edna recognized my own potential while developing my self-confidence to excel in school. With her commitment, I managed to improve my English from an F grade to a B grade in the GCE ‘O’ Level Examination and attained an A grade in Geography. Not only did Ms Edna help me to pass a crucial segment of my ‘O’ level examination, she guided and sparked my interest for the language and to pursue active learning in school. This is a mentality which I will bring with me for life.

I have graduated with a degree in Environmental Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2017. Currently, I am holding a managerial position, managing multi-million water treatment plants in an SGX-listed company. Without knowing Ms Edna back in secondary school, I would not have a positively shifted mindset, achieving what I have thus far. Thank you, Ms Edna!”

Yan Jun, former coachee, MOE school.

Family bonding outdoor workshop for parents & kids 5 to 10yo

The Magical Rainforest Adventure

This enriching workshop helps children develop CONFIDENCE, gain NEW KNOWLEDGE and nurtures BONDING between parents and child through the holistic integration of Language, Art, Geography and Fun Activities conducted in Nature.

"Teacher Edna is very good at engaging young children with short attention span. It has the right balance of fun and learning , with plenty of bonding opportunities at the right pace. Healthy tasty snacks provided. Great choice of location, considerate of children’s comfort." Queena, mummy of 7yo WZ.


4 Sep
Time: 9.30am to 11.30am
Venue: Singapore Botanic Gardens

For more details, Whatsapp Edna @97210381.

An Exciting New Programme for Mums with Kids 3 to 4yo has sprouted!  —



A unique and engaging outdoor programme for both mother and child to inculcate a love for reading and nature in your kids and for mothers to connect with them at the same time!

Every session is a memorable session for both mother and child! ❤

For details, Whatsapp Edna @ 97210381

An engaging and fun P6 to Sec 1 Transition Workshop happening in December 2022

Discover the 7 Secrets to Excellence in Secondary Education and Beyond! Whatsapp 97210381 to reserve a place now for your P6 child.

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