I’m Ashley

Your Home Girl

🤍I have some new friends on here so i thought I’d do a quick intro... I also wanna know if we have anything in common so let me know!

I’m a coffee, Target, and amazon obsessed mom of two sweet (well most the time) little girls, wife to my best friend for 14 years, realtor, fitness freak (again...most the time 😂) and homebody, who’s a little old fashioned and feisty. I have an attitude I’m not afraid to use and I love McDonalds French fries, Cheez-it’s, and red wine. It all makes a great combo! You could say I’m pretty basic but I’m a tad expensive too 😬 I have a #sheprador who’s just over 1 years old named Julio. We love our home on 6 acres in Colorado and have worked hard on fixin her up. I started gardening last year during “quarantine “ and can’t wait to start my veggie garden this year. We just hatched a few baby chicks so I’ve recently become a #chickenmom 😜

When I’m not wrangling kiddos, working out, and showing houses you’ll find me watching Yellowstone, reading good books, organizing, and listening to podcasts. In fact I even have my own podcast The America Mom Podcast 🇺🇸
Welcome to my shit show and thanks for hanging out with me!

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