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Just a fellow Lash Artist trying to make your lash journey easier!

Hey Lash Babes! Yoyis here, you can call me your lash bestie! My goal in the lash industry is to make your lash journey simpler. So I dedicted my Youtube Channel to teaching you everything you need to know about Lash Extensions. Everything from the basics to lash vlogs to product reviews to even a podcast to help inspire and motivate you to keep going. I know how hard it can be being the new girl and not knowing if your doing anything correct so I hope I my videos help you out. One on one trainings coming soon.

The struggle is Real!

Being a beginner Lash Artist is tough! So I dedicted my youtube channel to helping out the new girl. I want you to know your not alone. So make sure to check out my Youtube Channel for motivational video, tips and tricks to help you in your journey.

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I teach everything from the basics to more advance styling to lash vlogs and product reviews. I post 2-3 videos a week so you definitely want to be subscribed. Xoxo!

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