Live the life you deserve

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Hi, I’m Yulia! I’m 26 years old living in NYC with a big vision. I have a lot of passion for success and helping others!

Let me tell you a little bit about me. I have a Degree in Earth & Planetary Science, as well as Bachelor Degree in Business Management/ Merchandising & Planning. Growing up I always thought and wanted to do more with my life. I always wanted to have some sort of business and so I always kept my options open for new opportunities but little did I know it will happen so soon.

After I got my specialty job in the Fashion Corporate world which I still work at and even though I love my job I wanted to do more to make additional/ substantial income which is when I joined the beauty industry and started my own business. Ever since my life has changed completely in the most amazing fulfilling journey. This opportunity gave me an ability to make great money, help my parents, pay my debt, and travel the world.

My mission is to help you live the life you deserve, have freedom, be financially stable and feel confident about yourself. This ground level opportunity is truly for anyone: whether you are a student, stay at home mom, or have full or part time job. The world is in your hands, and beautiful outcomes can happen when you say yes to something that scares you! Trust me when I say this because I am the biggest introvert, and shy person but once you have a big dream, there is no stopping until you get it.

Let’s grow together! ❤︎