what i do & why i do it


Heyyy! I’m so glad you’re here 💖

my name is yury, i’m 19 years old, & i love to spread love, confidence, knowledge, motivation & gods word🦋. my biggest goal is to help others reach their full potential.

10 months ago, I partnered with an amazing hair and skin & (now) wellness company. When the opportunity was presented to me, I was skeptical. I’ve heard of people doing these things & was around it my whole life. — joining a business and making extra income— but I had never knew anyone like me or around me that had done it and been successful at it. However, I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did. God has blessed me abundantly with & through this business! I’ve grown so much as an individual, I’ve fallen in love with my hair & skin & God has brought so many amazing people my way! I look forward to waking up everyday & doing what i do. This business has been a life changer for me and all because i let god guide me, and i said yes to a life changing opportunity.

I’ve been able to offer 100% clean, vegan, anti aging, scientifically backed, clinically proven.. hair and skin products to people and help them achieve the hair and skin they desire. I’ve also been able to share this business opportunity with young people like myself!

The fact that you clicked the link and you’ve made it to this point let’s me know that you’re curious... ⛅️ Asking questions and learning more requires no commitment of any sort. So, with that being said, please feel free to fill out any of my consultation forms if you are interested in products! if you’re interested in the business & making an extra income.. fill out the “Work With Me” form and I will reach out to you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little about me and what it is that I do. I look forward to talking to you! 🦋

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