YH’s Life Secrets

Hi Everyone! I am Yvonne and I am an entrepreneur in the anti-aging and wellness industry ❤️

I love to watch movies and dramas as I learned life lessons which helps me overcomes lots of life challenges in my life 🤪 and I believes that they reflects the reality of our life #人生如戲戲如人生😎

My passion is to discover peoples who want to change their life for better future in every way possible and to be an inspiration for others wherever I go.

Want to know more about what I do?

Passion —

We need passion to motivate ourselves to move forward in our life.

Personally, since young I am a OK person who OK with everything as long as everyone happy. Till I have graduated from university, I still don’t know what I want for my life. The only thing I clear about myself is I DO NOT WANT TO WORK FOREVER!

I also remembered that my primary school teacher ever compliment me that I am a girl who loves to help others. I was wondering back then. However, helping or empowering others proven to be true when I joined an education counselling group where I got to advise my juniors on their course details. I felt so happy and satisfy when I am able to help them.

During my first year in society, I actually work blindly to earn money for myself. After 2 to 3 years, I din’t realise that I am actually slowly losing my passion along the way. 😔 Till, I met my business mentors, Boon, David, Nicole and Mr Eddie Poon, they introduced me to TEAM GLOBALSTARS where I found back my life goals and eventually my passion as with Team Globalstars I am able to empower peoples with rewarding business opportunities and innovative products. 😃

By holding on my personal PASSION to help more peoples to achieve their better life, I overcome most of my challenges in my business and this has helped me to discover the best of myself and I have created lots of smiles surrounding me.

My life stories still goes on, and there is lots amazing thing awaiting me. I write my own life stories. How about you? 🧐

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Before Nu Skin

I was lost in my life & my career 😅

Before being part of this amazing business platform I was a sales coordinator, a management trainee in finance, a assistant manager in operation, a sales consultant, a business analyst and a sales supervisor 😂 Tho I learnt lots of different skills from my career, I knew that working under a person was never be my career goal. I wanted to run a business that I am capable and passionate about but I needed a platform that able to change the world by discovering and transforming life🥰

When I found Nu Skin, I didn’t look back. This platform is what I dreamt off in the past and I am able to visualize my success through this platform. I gave myself 6 months to focus on transforming myself physically and mentally, strengthen my skills and gain back my long lost confident to fit into this amazing business platform 😃 And I’ve never looked back ever since.

I aspire to empower, transform and help peoples to transform their life and peoples surround them through my life experience using this platform 🙌

Freedom of Choices

Feeling lost in your own life? Actually, we have choices to live a better life in the future.

Life is full of choices. When there are choices, there will be decisions. All choices we make in our life todays will decide how we live in our future.

Everyone wants to live a better life. But first, we need to know clearly what we want in our future? How we want to live in our near future?

Once we have set our life goals, we have choices to whether live toward them or live against them. It is all on our own decisions. Then, it comes with actions which leads us to our future goals. Once we achieve our life goals, we are actually living a better life already.