about me 🍡

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ɞ hello its z0eoriginals
in my milkshake website you can find ::
β€” colouring tutorials !
β€” font packs !
β€” captions !
β€” bios !
β€” daily reminders


my coloring tut 🍡

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ultralight ::
β€” pick the photo or video you like
β€” push edit at the bottom
β€” find the triangle and pick it
β€” put clarity to +10
β€” put sharpness to +10
β€” leave emphasis on 0
β€” put noise to -10
β€” push save at the bottom of your screen
β€” push save (save a new copy to camera roll)

colourtone ::
β€” open colourtone
β€” once opened look in the upper left hand corner
β€” select the photo button
β€” select the photo you just saved to your camera roll
β€” once opened click the filters button at the bottom of your screen
β€” scroll until you find the filter β€œcoogee”
β€” look at the upper right hand corner of your screen
β€” push save
β€” after pushing save push export
β€” when it asks you where to export it to say β€œsave image”

prequel ::
β€” open prequel
β€” once open, push the plus in the bottom middle of your screen
β€” select the photo you just saved to your camera roll
β€” once chosen go to adjust on the right side of your screen
β€” put exposure to -100
β€” leave contrast at 0
β€” put highlights to -100
β€” put shadows to -100
β€” put aberration to +15
β€” set blur to whatever you like
β€” look in the top right hand side of your screen.
β€” export it by selecting the button that shows a box with an arrow inside of it
β€” once exported push save photo

that’s it ::
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my fonts 🍡

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dafont ::
β€” Fairy tales
β€” DJBdoodle bits
β€” Refresh
β€” UIMock up
β€” KGflavor and frames
β€” Garlic salt
β€” Lemon Milk Medium
β€” Winkle
β€” Paris old style
β€” KLCupid
β€” Letters for Learners
β€” Social Media
β€” Moms diner
β€” Cute Written
β€” Butterflies

not on dafont
β€” Pretty You

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