Let me introduce myself

To start this off,
Hi my name is zailea but i like to go by zai for short. I was diagnosed with crohn’s disease is 2017, i currently have a colostomy bag and i have been in and out of hospitals for the past 3 years. It was hard for me to keep a steady pace at work or school because the stress factor was too much for me and i would get sick.
I used to work at a car dealership full time but that lasted all of 8 months because i kept getting sick(flares with my crohns). The work environment was so toxic and the way management would handle things were very poor. I had super bad anxiety that i would dread every morning before work,I did not want to be apart of that type of setting/environment, so i quit and made Monat my full time job. i thought to myself hey i can really be my own boss and do things how i feel is correct! This opportunity has taught me many things that are super useful. It taught to love myself and to grow confidence, it made me become a better version of myself! i feel empowered by the women i’m surrounded by everyday who push me to do better and keep working.
I have also came to a realization that all this time i have not been working a vanilla 9-5 my stress levels are way down, my anxiety is somewhat at bay and not that bad. Also my crohn’s has been behaving for once😭 i am super thankful for this opportunity and i can’t wait to help each and one of you with this journey! it is truly life changing!

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