Zen Brow Studio by Maddie Drake

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How I Got Here

Zen Brow Studio by Maddie Drake

i’m so glad you’re here! i’m Maddie Drake, the face behind Zen Brow Studio. i first knew i wanted to be an esthetician when i had a job as a receptionist at a hair salon back in Nashville, TN. it was the best job i’ve ever had, and was such an amazing environment. i’ve always loved the beauty industry, but this job was the wakeup call i needed.

that was my senior year of high school and i was already planning on going to college in Idaho, so my dad and i went up to visit the campus. i really wanted to tour Paul Mitchell “just for fun” and when my dad and i toured it and saw the brand new Esthetics program, it was over for both of us.

i’m so grateful my parents were so supportive of my dreams. i decided the traditional college life just wasn’t for me and went to Paul Mitchell instead. i graduated, took my exams, and am now officially a licensed esthetician! my goal is to help each and every one of you feel great in your own skin, and be confident about your natural beauty<3