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    Transcend the agony of C-PTSD and Anxiety with your subconscious mind.
    🙇This book is for everyone, whether you are struggling with C-PTSD and anxiety, or you are wanting to understand and help others 🙇

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    My Personal Journey to Transcend PTSD & Amnesia with the Power of Hoʻoponopono

  3. Abundance Manifesto by Empowering R A S

    Abundance Manifesto by Empowering R A S

    Do this to manifest whatever your dreams are

  4. Angelic Ho’oponopono

    Angelic Ho’oponopono

    🔹️Join countless readers in a transformative journey of introspection, understanding, and forgiveness. Tap into the power of AngelicHo'oponopono, rewrite your story, and reclaim your life.

  5. Broken and Blessed

    Broken and Blessed

    A Memoir How I Combatted Memory Loss by Empowering Creative Writing which has led me to became one of AMZ'S bestselling authors.
    Available on Amazon and Google Play Store ▶️

  6. Before I die: The CONFESSION

    Before I die: The CONFESSION

    A book based on a true story, a heart-wrenching and painful struggle of a Lady who has spent decades of her life to find i ner strength, to forgive someone;
    who has claimed to love her deeply,
    who betrayed her, along with his friends
    raped her and tried to kill her.

  7. Time Heals Nothing

    Time Heals Nothing

    A harrowing and deeply moving account of the dark shadow of abuse and the wound that time can never heal.

  8. Let Me Be Myself

    Let Me Be Myself

    An Epic Life Journey of LGBT World Class Designer



    To Remap or Build a Solid Relationship MAP Even it's Been Shattered or on Opposite Ends of the Planet

  10. Finding a Thousand Heavens Within

    Finding a Thousand Heavens Within

    My Spiritual Quest to Transcends PTSD and Dissociative Amnesia
    With the Power of Ho'oponopono



    Born in South Africa, Hope Tidal’s early life was marked with hardship.

    Losing her father at the tender age of eight and having her entire life uprooted by war, she endured years of psychological and physical abuse after being sold into slavery and made into a sex worker.
    Could you show her how to heal the wounded soul?


How I Combatted Memory Loss

Inspirational Interviews with Media Indonesia about How I combatted memory loss and became a bestselling author. To unlock self-motivation, challenges of self-transformation, with the goal of building a lasting chain of positive effects.

  1. Media Indonesia

    Media Indonesia


    How I combatted memory loss and became a bestselling author

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    Jawa Pos


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#Entrepreneur #Author #Spiritualist

and SURVIVOR, who combating her lost memories by empowering creative writing for self-healing, and show readers that those who suffer from memory loss, can break the bonds of their darkest horrors, reclaim a meaningful life and create lasting positive effects for themselves and others.

Her books are not only able to unlock your motivation and self-transformation, but also build a lasting chain of positive effects by donating royalties from her books to foundations for children in need, as a testament to her love and concern for humanity.  

Shares Premium content of life Coach, self development, spirituality for Free on and Instagram @zen.toronto


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By incorporating Zen habits into your everyday routine, you can learn to focus on what’s meaningful in life and give all your attention to that. At the same time, you will also hone in your skills to remove the unwanted and unimportant stuff from life. The goal is to lead a simpler yet more purposeful and productive life.

This book will help you get started with Zen fundamentals and how to implement these habits into your life..

Let me be Myself

Epic Life Journey of World Class Fashion Designer

Before I finally reached the pinnacle of glory,

shinning brilliantly as one of the world's top fashion designer,

I had learned to live with all the taunts, physical abuses, and mental scars.

They taunted me, harassed me, beat me up, just because I'm gay!

I didn't ask them anything except for one; "Leave me alone! Let me be Myself"

Knitting The Wounds

Powerful biographical story of pain and hope

Born in South Africa, Hope Tidal’s early life was marked with hardship.

Losing her father at the tender age of eight and having her entire life uprooted by war, she endured years of psychological and physical abuse after being sold into slavery and made into a sex worker.

But through recounting her story, she found a way to heal her wounds and uplift her soul.

Available Here

Sunset With Grief

We may see loss as a natural part of life

Everyone responds and deals differently according to their preconceptions.I myself took more than five years to overcome the grief of my husband's death.

Even though I have tried to control my logic, constantly reminding myself that death, wounds, and grief are the main element of life, I still couldn't heal wounds and overcome grief any faster.

It's not to show pessimism, but on the contrary to raise awareness that life is an endless chain of dualism, sadness and joy, failure and success, Love and hate, etc, etc

Stop Aging!

How To Look 30 When You're 50

Discover how to live your best life and make your 50s a decade to remember.

Turning 50 can be an important and momentous time in a woman’s life. But far from simply sitting down to let your mind and body deteriorate, you can choose to embrace this exciting new chapter of life and take full advantage of all your new time and wisdom.

Packed with brilliant tips and strategies designed to help you look and feel younger, this practical book explores how you can supercharge your wellbeing and start feeling fabulous. Covering the best ways to feel younger, how to transform your mindset, and even how you can level up your career and capitalize on your experience, How to Look 30 When You’re 50 offers you everything you need to know about embracing your older years!

Beauty of Fear

Bloody Journey of Forgiveness


A heartbreaking Biographical story in Piko Prose Style

about a lady who spends half of her life struggling incessantly, to find inner strength, to forgive someone who has betrayed her, raped her, and tried to kill her.

As the author, I shed tears on almost every page. Incapable of understanding how anyone could be so determined to find a way to forgive those who ruined her life.
can she finally find her own peace?

The Strings

Master Key for All Answers

"A shocking adventure that unravels the secrets of The Strings, which changed his life, mentally and spiritually, forever"

Stuart is a professor at Chicago University, a passionate historian who throughout his life acted and thought on logical, empirical, and scientific principles. Metaphysical approaches are never considered.

Beyond his own will, unconsciously he had traveled thousands of miles from his country.

A journey that turns out to be an epic adventure that brutally challenged logic and guts, drained his sweat, dripped his blood, and endangered his life.

The Strings 2

The Forgotten World

There are miraculous scriptures known as The Strings, which have been found in various cultural traditions and which have not been revealed.

Some people desperately trying to find, understand, and then empower The Strings the way Stuart and Sussane did.

Stuart has yet to tell Sussane the complete mystery of his dramatic journey to another continent to discover the secret of "The Strings". When suddenly they have to face deadly events in their own place.

Sans Frontieres

She Can See What You Can't See

Write 2-3 short paragraphs about who This is the story of a gut-wrenching and painful struggle of Ann Majorie who was born an Indigo child, a story about how she faced & overcame bullies, was humiliated, labeled as an amentia & sent to mental health therapist. Before she eventually became a renowned Behavioral Psychologist, with clients from both individuals and companies, including the criminology police department.

Zen Toronto was also born an Indigo, so writing this book made her feel like writing her own experiences, She was immersed in the déjà vu effect of every sentence that was poured out. Se felt deeply connected and relates to every step Marjorie had gone through.