Zerah Fashion Institute is a fashion school aimed at empowering women with fashion, craft and design, and business development skills.

We offer fashion design courses both online and offline.

We teach;
Fashion illustration
Pattern drafting
Professional sewing techniques
Business development

So far, we have helped over 500 women to kickstart and grow their fashion businesses.

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Bethelia Omokaro, Creative Director

Sew to earn Queen

Hi, I'm Bethelia Blessing Omokaro and I'm the founder and creative director of Zerah Fashion Institute.

I am a creative fashion entrepreneur, empowering young women with fashion skills.

I teach women not just to sew but to earn from it, improving lives and creating jobs.

I have taught over 500 women with awesome reviews.

I'm also certified by the Museum of Modern Arts, New York.

Beginners Sewing Course

I could sew but not professionally, I didn't know much about fashion and this made me unconfident about myself. Clients underpaid me for my job and I felt like quitting several times.

I decided to pause and get a good fashion education. I took out some time to pray about this. With support from family and friends, I was able to get a good fashion education and other international certifications, and boom!

I got the confidence to price my products and people still paid because they knew I was giving value.

You may be in this situation now or your story may be a bit different than mine.

I created this course because I understand how it feels to want to sew professionally but can't afford the huge fees for a fashion school.

Or are a mom trying to start a new career in fashion?

Or a working-class woman trying to start a fashion business.

I got you.

I made this course very affordable but the knowledge you would get is worth much more.

I'm so excited to be part of your sewing journey.

Cheers to a new beginning.


MODULE ONE: Measurement
How to read the measuring tape
Taking proper body measurement

MODULE TWO: Pattern drafting
Drafting the basic bodice block
Drafting the basic skirt block
Drafting the basic dress block

MODULE THREE: The sewing Machine
Parts and function of the sewing machine
Threading the sewing machine
Basic machine maintenance

Types of fabrics and their characteristics
Choosing the right fabric for your sewing project
Understanding grain-lines

Sewing your first skirt
Sewing your first top
Sewing your first dress

To sign up you can make payment to this account number 1212852513
ZERAH CULTURE ZENITH BANK and send a proof of payment to this number; 08160808407

Class begins August 2nd

Grow your fashion business

Learning to sew is just one aspect of your fashion business but learning how to position yourself to attract the right audience that will pay for your products is very important.

In this course, I will be teaching you tips and techniques that will help grow your business and of course increase sales. You will be learning how to carve a niche in the fashion industry, goal setting, content creation for social media, and lots more.

I won't only guide you through the process, I will also be your accountability partner.

This course is broken down into 3 modules, and each module is taken for one week, after which we have 2 weeks of follow-up and action-taking.

Module One
Segments and categories of the fashion industry.
Carving a niche in the fashion industry
Crafting your vision and mission statements.

Module Two
Forms of business ownership
Goal setting for your fashion business
Understanding basic bookkeeping.

Module Three
Fashion Branding
Content creation for social media
Fashion photography tips

At the end of this course; you should be able to;
Get more understanding about the fashion industry.
Understand your target audience and how to serve them.
Have a clear-cut goal and actionable tips to hit them.
Fashion photography tips that will turn your content around.
Create content consistently for your brand

2 weeks of accountability from me. I will be guiding you through the learning process.

Course Fee; #3000 $8

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How to read a measuring tape

Drafting the basic skirt (waist band)

How to sketch a rose