The Zeros - The Zero Foundation

Zero is pure energy raw and the source of positive energy here in this universe, those who are of the positivite energy and understand zero know only they care for all life.. .

The Zero Foundation was founded in 0 A.D. by a positive energy minded and giving soul known by the name a Siirho. A pagan wander whom as a baby was taken for fun by negative demonic Patagonia era life of that time. He did good things while being a member of the raiders of old archaic times. Siirho often was known to be a savage warrior with no fear ... However he never killed for fun not found pleasure in it. Later in his life his band of raiders leader Ragnar was lost and captured by enemies and sentenced to death. The captives he had eventually know as his brothers all left quickly home and he realized he had no real home and began a life of good deed and gratefulness while being alone he thought it always could of been worse and he was thankful from that time on. He was said to of been met with strength and fierce opposition and attacked for his kind and genuine willingness to be a good friend, listener, and an understanding man I'm a savage chaotic time.

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the zero and the one

Positive energy is who we are.

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