Best Coffee Shops in the Philippines

Coffee has been part of everyone's life. Almost everyone starts their day with a hot aromatic cup of coffee just to wake their sleeping bodies up. This is everyone's way in welcoming a new day. Even other people uses coffee as their water due to the addicting taste of it. Everyone is addicted to coffee! Because who wouldn't? That is why we have here the list of the BEST COFFEE SHOPS IN PH!

Yes! You read it right and clearly. We are serving you now with these hot cups of coffee shops! Might as well drive into there spots and let's have a drink!

Coffee Adventure


Here we are! Lets now serve you your hot cups of coffee shops! Aren't you excited to try one of their products? I know you're already planning on it! People now days are eager to find that instagram-worthy kind of coffee shops. And these shops would not let you down. So let's get drinking!


Yard stick coffee is one of the best coffee shop located in 106 Esteban St., Legazpi Village, Makati City, PH. They are hailed as the first coffee shop worthy around Makati. According to them 'Coffee is the language we use to build, engage and nurture the communities around us.' They are always eager to serve for their costumers even in the middle of pandemic. As a matter of fact, they are now serving their new drink called " Cold Naughty Lattes " which a quarantine exclusive kind of drink which has a dopamine inside it. Their drink is always convenient to drink with, they have this Naughty Lattes in a ready-to-drink bottles. So you shouldn't miss out on this!


This coffee shop right here is one of a kind. For their shop is very detailed with their product and their shop itself. They are very generous enough to offer their costumer some 'free shots' with their coffee. Isn't that nice? Getting a free shot from one of the best coffee shops in the Philippines would be such cozy! They also serve their costumer a fresh brewed and roasted coffee for an amazing quality and taste. Their shop is located at 2/F Crossroad Center, #, 77 Mo. Ignacia Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Better hop on your hoodies and try their coffees!


Habitual in Makati is indeed one of the best coffee shop here in the Philippines because they also won multiple awards for their styles and methods of brewing coffees. They are also an Aeropress Champion in several years of running. That is why having their cup of coffee would be and honor. This proves that their coffees are no joke. It was full of passion and talent to produce an aromatic cup of coffee. It felt like they are roasting and brewing their talents and sense of smell and taste. But all of that are made of their very talented baristas. Run now and grab their winner coffees! They are located at Paseo Heights, Salcedo Village, L.P. Leviste Street, Makati, 1230 Metro Manila. See u there!


Ella and the Blackbird is an aesthetic place for a coffee shop. I mean, we all know that every coffee shop is an instagram-worthy spot. But this one is very unique. It pictures the best yet comforting days of you with your special persons in life and your cup of coffee! This keeps your mood get cozy and just helps your mind ease up. They are very good with their iced coffee. Ice coffee is their best selling products for they already mastered the taste and aroma of it. Even though it is chilled, it really gets you more hyped up and energetic! And if you are craving for their hot cups, they also serve a freshly made coffees just for you. This wonderful shop is located at 88 Esteban Abada St, Quezon City, 1800 Metro Manila.


Here we have Coffee Madness located at Liloan Cebu. This is not your typical coffee shop, because this shoo doesn't have any of that air conditioned type of room. Everything from them is all natural and fresh. Even their brewed coffee is also fresh because they roast it right infront of your eyes. Meaning they always keep it simple yet very amusing. Having a cup of coffee in this shop is very cozy and peaceful. It doesn't have that chaotic surrounding just like in the cities. You can even connect with nature at you drink you hot cup of coffee while staring at the trees and views. Drinking your fresh cup of brewed coffee surrounded by nature. This is indeed the best spot for a coffee and nature lover!

Coffee really do excites our body and wakes our mind up. It has been a part for every human being alive and even passed. But keep in mind that taking lots of cups of coffees is not good for our health. Always be responsible for your intake and just keep it chillin'. Do not use coffee as your water, it may cause you palpitation after. Ohh! What a rhyme! Keep on track of your cups of coffe and just give yourself s break sometimes. After coffee, remember to drink lots of water! Exploring coffee shops is fun since it keeps you on having more options on getting your cup of coffee. That is why we are please to have this chance to serve you your hot cups of coffee shops! Hoping to see you on one of those shops.