Cari tudung atau inner yang selesa? Nak yang serap peluh? Anti iron?

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Snowcap Berhantu BCF

RM10 only

What's so special about this snowcap?

Let's have a look!

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

Why choose when you can wear them all? 😍

The Souk BCF

Comes with 3 different sizes!

Don't know which size should you wear?  —

Here's some guidelines for you!

Tudung Souk

Fashion is like eating. You shouldn't stick to the same menu. Style it your way!

Tudung Souk

Nak yang kurang labuh? Large size suits all!

My everyday needs

Hey gorgeous! Let's check out what I would wear for everyday comfy!

Top Picks #1

My all time favourite hijab! Just 'souk' and you're ready to go! Go stylish with larger size! 😍

Top Picks #2

Feeling like wearing a shawl or bawal today? Don't forget your Snowcap Berhantu! Kick your day ahead without any worries on hair-escaped! 😆

Top Picks #3

#staysafe everyone! Bring along your mask everywhere you go. It will be more easier with this headloop hijab facemask BCF! Just 'sarung' and done! 😉

Minie Souk Candy Edition

Tudung Souk for kiddos 😍

Candies anyone? Click >>>

New Collection from BCF!  —

Suitable for daily wear and active wear 😍

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