T.swizzel and style again ?

Did Taylor Swift lie in " we are never ever ever getting back together" ?

This is a very recent photo of miss swift and mr styles having a walk at a park in London. Could it be possible that the ex-lovers are thinking of getting back together ?
Recent intelligence shows that miss swift has been spending a lot of time with me styles and they have been getting increasingly ....... Shall we say closer? We are hoping for this reunion but it does come with s price which would be too much for some 1 D fans . If there is this reunion we can gain hope for tarry swiles and looses hope for larry stylinson !*
For now we still have no more on this topic but some inside sources have promised to keep us updated on the inside scoop between these two so you can hope for a lot more articles on this !
*More on larry stylinson on page 2

Larry Stylinson is over ???

Has one of our favorite pairs from 1D finally come to an end ?

One of the whole one D world's favourite pairs , larry stylinson may have finally come to an end. The pair were last seen together almost months ago if not a year. It is sad but when asked about his relationship with louis harry replies by saying "honestly we have been out of touch for almost months now and have such busy schedules but i would love to meet him along with everyone else once again" . Most Obviously the others are Zayn , Liam , and Niall ! There is also a rumor going around that harry may have lied in the above line as there was a video uploaded in the net that shown harry and louie both logging off Instagram the the same exact time kn the same day. Coincidence ? I think not !
That is all the news we have for that topic but we da have a source going around to find some more and will be back to you soon with some very new , fresh and juicy news !

Mille Bobby brown now embarcing her inner 11?

Did Mille Bobby brown get a tattoo ?

A recent photo of Mille Bobby brown was shot showing her with a 011 tattoo on her wrist just as her character , eleven in the tv show stranger things. People say she did this to celebrate the amazing journey of shooting stranger thing , as sadly the writers of the show have announced that it has come to an end and these will be the last two season after which the show will have officially ended. All the actors on the show have a really close bond and in an interview with Jimmy Fallon , actor Noah schnap who plays will states that when he found out about the shown end he stared bawling and instantly reached out to Mille who replyed saying that she was crying too. This tattoo may be real for many reasons but for know we are still waiting for milles confirmation .

Need a SPECIAL gift for mother's day ?

Something you MOM will never ever forget !

Have you always given your mother a nice flower for mother's day ? Well this year how about a SPECIAL flower! This year LEGO has come out with a new Lego set of succulents and orchid flower that look extremely realistic! They will be released on 1st May as mother's day is on 8th May this year ! They will sell for $49.99 dollars. Expensive , i know ! But then again a lot of people are buying into legos plan. Will you be one of the. ?

Grammy's outfits may need a few tweaks!

Lets to from best to worst dressed at the Grammy's

Lets start with Olivia Rodrigo!
Olivia's corseted black gown, gloves, and pink bejeweled choker combo gave off Halloween vibes. It was nice but not one of Olivia's best looks, and still it was one of the best from the Grammy's. While her makeup artist Lilly Keys told the publication they were aiming for a "modern punk glam vibe," and Rodrigo's early 2000s-esque style is usually a sure-fire success, this look in particular was more costume-like than anything else. turn the page for the next celeb!