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Teddy Clubs - Watermelon Lip Mask

no more waking up to dark, chapped and getting irritated lips!

lip mask nya Teddy Clubs persis dupe-lip balm dengan gayanya yang melty and transparently smooth~! sangat ringan and fresh. ga bikin bibir terkesan butek :))

btw, this lip mask is my everyday AM-PM.
highly recommend!

EMINA SunBattle SPF 30 PA+++

get ur sunscreen and make it ur best friend~

zma's favourite 'sunscreen' to start her day!

PUTRI Hair Tonic

my everyday hair-treatment~
timeless repurchased wkwk
450ml = dibawah 40rb!

ada 3 varian yang bisa disesuaikan to ur hair condition. me loving yang hijau vvv much! kalau kamu?

come here and i guide u to the shop~

Mad. - Star Shaped Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch

12 star acne yang di design 'cute-different & stylish' buat kamu yang lagi healing dengan jerawat mateng!

Whitelab - Brightening Face Serum

serum ini approved di berbagai review. berperan penting dalam meningkatkan elastisitas kulit, mengatasi jerawat, brightening + ratain warna kulit also nge-hydrate!

more of this claimed as well~

Teddy Clubs - Powder Mask

powder mask ini harga bundle set. isinya 2 varian + kuas + box package gesture nya Teddy Clubs.
- Vanilla Milk Brightening
- Glass Skin Glow

Whitelab - Mugwort Pore Clarifying Mask

mugwort lokal yang jadi "Everyone's Favorite" since day 1! formulasinya bikin calming redness, brightening & hydrating~

AUTUMN Pure Nature - skin conditioner

skin conditioner ini formulanya bikin kulit tambah lembab dan bikin jerawat cepat sembuh. Harganya murah, isinya 500ml & bisa dipakai dalam jangka waktu berbulan bulan~