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i’m zunaira, and i started this because of my genuine, intense passion for books and reading. i love interacting with people that enjoy the magic of books as much as me, so i joined the bookstagram community a while back. it’s something i do to showcase my passion and let out my creativity, as i’ve really been enjoying the photography aspect of it lately.
some more facts about me:
* i’m a certified high school ELA and inclusive education teacher
* i’m an ENFJ-T personality type
* i consider myself to be a Slytherclaw
* my name roughly translates to “the morning star”
* i’m kind of a hopeless romantic
* i’m a Leo and my hair can quite literally be described as a mane
my likes and interests include:
* coffee, in all its forms, but usually iced
* i love the oxford comma, but i hate capital letters
* netflix and disney+ binges
* book binges and re-reads (because when i get into a book i REALLY get into it)
* the colours black, purple, red, and gold
* victorian and gothic era homes/decor (a new-found love of mine that i can’t stop scrolling through on pinterest)
* writing, journaling, and calligraphy
* my kitties (you’ll see them featured on here quite a bit)
* to quote the weeknd, “i come alive in the fall time”
* you can often find me experimenting with makeup
* music! i create playlists for different moods, for my friends, for characters and books... i love soundtracking my life
* i love the assassin’s creed franchise (i’m not a huge video game person otherwise, but AC is the best)
* celestial and floral motifs are my thing
i post and read mostly fantasy, YA, NA, and romance, but i love to give pretty much anything a try. i’m always looking for recommendations! i can’t wait to get to know you all as i continue to do this, and build this bookish community together.

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