Making our money work for us

How we do it

Ben and I were lucky enough to stumble across an investment opportunity of a life time, that will ideally set us up for life! With hopes we can both retire before we reach 25.

I started with CFX in May 2021 with little to no knowledge of the Forex Market but within just 4 months of being with CFX I had already made back my entire initial investment of $1,000usd plus more.

It’s now mid October 2021 and my earnings with CFX are sitting at about $1,800usd so within 6 months I’ve almost doubled my money.

The returns on our investments with CFX are insane, sitting at about 5% a WEEK currently! Compared to the banks where you could have $20k in savings, your monthly returns of 0.2% still aren’t going to be anywhere near what we passively earn each week with CFX.

We’d love to share this amazing opportunity with others and with the help of our sponsors Lourissa and Emile who have created some super helpful content, you too can start your own life changing journey to financial freedom.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about CFX check out the video links below or feel free to message me, I’m always more then happy to help.

Please note:
That just like with any investment there is always a level of risk involved.
No previous trade results can guarantee the future of your investments.
I am in no way nor claim to be a financial advisor, if your looking for advice please speak with an accountant.
Please also know there is no CFX app!

8 minute video explaining CFX

Just a quick insight into CFX covering how it works and what it’s all about.

Signing up to CFX

In this video Lourissa and Emile walk through a easy step by step guide on what you need to do to set up your CFX account.

Picking your CFX pack

Here is the link to the CFX website where you can register your account and sign in to buy your CFX pack.

Spending Bitcoin anywhere

Here’s a short video of Lourissa and Emile showing how easy it is to spend your Bitcoin anywhere with your Wirex card.

Get your Wirex card

You can use this link to get started ordering your Wirex card.

Send money to your Wirex to spend

In this video Lourissa explains how you can send Bitcoin from Binance to your Wirex account and then exchange into NZD which you can then spend!

How to use your Wirex card

In this video Lourissa explains how to send, receive and spend money with your Wirex card.

Basic rundown of Bitcoin

Lourissa explains a little more about what Bitcoin is and where it’s going.

CFX - Due Diligence video

Richard Maude gives a detailed understanding of CFX as a company. Plus some background knowledge and insight into the future of CFX.