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Ever since the first day I touched paper to pen, I knew writing was my medium. In high school I attended the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven Connecticut, graduating with high honors and winning the prestigious writer of the year award. Following high school I studied fiction writing at NYU and graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a bachelors in English. In 2007, I was published in the anthology, Best Lesbian Erotica 2007 and the same year was selected for inclusion in Best Erotica (Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Milan, Italy) where my fiction was translated into Italian. Over the years, I have worked as.the music editor of Groove Magazine where I was promoted to Editor-in-chief and supervised a staff of over 25. During this time, selected works of mine appeared in scores of online and print journals including, Word Riot, 3AM Magazine, the Common line Project,, Debris, Cerebral Catalyst, Erbacce, Mad Swirl, Remark, Silenced Press, SubtleTea, The Battered Suitcase, The Indite Circle, Thieves Jargon among others. After Groove Magazine’s eventual demise, I offered writing services to Yale professors, educators and psychologists. My experience helped me to connect with a therapist and EDMR practitioner specializing in Transgender issues, I have freelanced for his behavioral health facility offering editing and grant writing services. I am an LGBTQIA + ally who loves to work on humanitarian projects. My writing is informed, inclusive, engaging and incorporates facets from my diverse writing career. I am passionate about using my gift to help your business thrive.
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A Peace of Style Built to Last

Fashion these days seems to be disposable. Buy it, wear it, get sick of it, toss it, repeat. Big box stores sell tank tops for $5.00 a pop which inevitably means those making the tops are working for peanuts. These pieces are not made to be cherished but rather to be worn and discarded. Have you ever owned a piece of apparel that you loved so much that it stayed in your closet for years and ended up being borrowed by your kids who still thought it was cool, a decade later? Yeah, we all have a few things like that. The reason these pieces stick around and pass the test of time is that they are great quality, unique, comfortable and they fit us perfectly.

If you’re anything like me, you take every possible opportunity to clean out your closet, find homes for all those pieces that you love but no longer fit or maybe are just not practical for you to wear anymore. The rest ends up in the Goodwill bin. For years I have been fighting an uphill battle. I only want to own things I love and wear. Someone once made a suggestion that if I hadn’t worn something in three months; it was time to let it go. That would work if I didn’t always think to myself, “What if in the off chance hot pink velour comes back in style and I get rid of this gem?”


Enter 24peace apparel. Comfy organic cotton, light-weight & eco-friendly, these lux sweatshirts and tanks are well-made closet staples that are built to last. These ornate designs have been created by Connecticut area artists and hand screen-printed with an emphasis on style and aesthetic. Ranging from the professional illustrator to the self-taught Mom of three, these artists create the whimsical, nature-inspired designs that adorn this line. The images vary from an anchor composed of various sea-life, a tree with a peace-sign for roots, an eye-catching mandala or perfectly placed ornate feathers.



24Peace is owned and operated by Mom and daughter team, Cindy and Charlotte. Wanting to carry on the creativity of her late sister and artist, Linda Studley, Cindy began working with local artists to create designs. Proceeds from part of every sale go to charities including, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Artists for World Peace and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as well as the artists who create them.



In their mission statement, 24peace explains the inspiration behind their name: “What would happen if for 24 hours everyone in the world experienced peace? If for 24 hours nobody was killed, bullied, scolded or abused? What would happen if for 24 hours nobody suffered from famine or warfare? What would happen if the world found peace for the 24 hours of one single day?”


We love the awesome message and even though we don’t have an answer, we know buying a piece of apparel from such a philanthropic line will certainly bring us one-step closer to finding out.

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