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Zoe Phillips

Welcome All to Zoe Phillips xxo;
a place where you can find my rates & booking information, Modeling and shooting information, Fine Art & Body positivity projects by Zoe and future creations with creatives around New Zealand.

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Zoe is a New Zealand based Model, Hair stylist / Makeup Artist & Beauty Therapist in the South Island with a passion for everything body positive, creative and innovative

Zoe has featured & published in a range of international magazines, online media & Worldwide Branded magazines.

Working with both international and national photographers and artists, modeling workshops throughout New Zealand, covering different genres of art throughout the 6+ years she has been modeling.
working with alot of creatives over the many years has brang so much joy!
Zoe covers a large range of photographic genres & art concepts !

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South Island, New Zealand based freelance fine-art Model with a big passion for body positivity and self/ free-expression art and creating art with like minded photographers, brands, artists and creatives all around!

Big time love for exploring ideas and imagination, stepping outside of comfort zones and outside the ( box ) of imagination, passionate about nude/ fine-art photography, self expression and encouraging self love confidence and body positivity to all.

Zoe has featured & published in a range of international magazines, online media & Worldwide Branded magazines.
covering a large range of photographic genres & art concepts ! with a large range of experience in all genres & styles :

° Fine-art, conceptual art
° Boudoir / lingerie photography
° Fashion, High Fashion
° Bridal
° Swimwear
° Casual / lifestyle photography
° Promotional / Commercial
° Alternative style
° Photography Workshop Modeling
° Modeling/ Posing Workshops
° Competition modeling
° Fashion shows / Runway Model
° Body Paint Model

Zoe Phillips is available for projects within New Zealand and is open to international travel projects.
- get in touch!

Rates / Bookings


Zoe Phillips rates are set in-line with her skill and experience, and guided by current professional standard rates in NZ.
Contact Zoe Phillips to discuss rates and Projects - Project rates are dependent on preferred genre.

* Please note:
-Minimum of 1 hour booking.
-Discounts available for full day bookings.
- Maximum of 5 Days bookings

-Model release, copyright forms for Models & Photographers used on photoshoots

- Modeling workshops
Available for workshop photography / modeling / Posing/ Coaching
* Message for more information

disclosure :
Zoe Phillips will not be posing / recreating any open leg / explicit erotic content while shooting Fine-Art/Nude
embracing the art of self love, body positivity and body & self expression

To equire for rates, more information photoshoot booking and projects please email Zoe Phillips - 

Happy Moments & Highlights

This year, Ive been a very busy woman creating many different images, collaborating on many different projects and exploring many beautiful places around New Zealand with new and previously existing photographers in New Zealand which has been super exciting throughout 2021!
juggling life of course! - in 2021 i gained my diploma in beauty therapy adding to my qualifications as an artist of the body mind and soul, for myself and others. I have been diving deep into my body mind soul / health journey! aswell as introducing that into my modeling / self love body positivity journey! - blissfully enjoying every moment.

(Covid has temporarily affected international projects and working with international photographers, But I have been so lucky and beyond grateful & appreciative to be able to work nationally with awesome talented photographers here in New Zealand! South Island & North Island!

Waiheke Island

Working with Steve Gilmore over the past few years has been a wonderful creative experience!, His professionalism, warm soul & creative ideas makes a weekend in Waiheke unforgettably breathtaking.
I've been so lucky and so grateful to able to explore the island, capture one of a kind beautiful images with Steve throughout the years of shooting together and build an awesome friendship! thank you so much Steve!
@gilmore.steve on Instagram


it's always a pleasure working with Bruce Jenkins @studio15nz!
Bruce is so lovely and kind! such a warm professional soul who makes you feel right at home! I've worked with Bruce a few times over the years and everytime had been an absolute blast!
his eye for glamor, vintage, latex, high end fashion!, Stockings, Heel fetish and more! i ALWAYS LOVE collaborating with Bruce and seeing the incredibly beautiful high end creations we end up producing! & always get so excited for our next collaboration!
| next shoot together second weekend of October 2021!!

Scott Fowler Workshops

There's something Special when you meet a creative mind who pushes everything you knew about modelling out of the entire box, and shows and teaches you, how to be more confident in your skin, teaches you sooo much throughout the years! there's something very special about Scott Fowler!, this man has the biggest heart, such an outstanding Photography reputation as a creative and a teacher, i thank you so much Scott for being such a beautiful role model and such close friend over the years we've created together, thank you so much for introducing me to so many other creative minded people, and introducing me to sooo many countless incredible opportunities!
@scottfowlerphotography on Instagram

Published & Featured!  —

it really has been an amazing experience and achievement modeling! to be able to say I've been published in multiple international magazines, exhibitions, art galleries and shows across the world over the past 5 years! and i couldn't of done it without the incredibly creative people I've worked with who've also gained this awesome achievement!

All published & features in magazines 2020 & 2021 :

- published in Killamagazine Australia
-published in Dphoto Magazine
-published in Praze Magazine
- Published in Naturist19 magazine
-published in Boudoir Es magazine
-published in Dominate Magazine
- published in La muses edition Vol. 91
- published in Pump magazine
- published in Eliminategirl Magazine20
- published in Le' glamour magazine 21
- published & features in many galleries and exhibitions over the course of 2020&2020 10+ shows of art

Fan art (Drawings of Zoe)

it's always so heartwarming when i receive beautiful pieces of art with so much intent and love put into them!

thank you all soooo much for the constant love, support and appreciation! and drawings (fanart)
i appreciate you all so much!

More Art of Zoe