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Yes 💫INFO💫

Yes hello there, I wont write my name here, so you can call me Zorugg :)

i am 14 years old and an artist🎨

I really like drawing and often draw on my ipad, but the problem is i also draw on paper. So when i use my ipad too much i struggle with drawing traditional, and it's the other way too :')

I have a disorder called ADD (Attention deficit disorder)
It makes me forget things faster, get distracted, and it's basically like ADHD, but without that you cant stop moving or fidgeting things.


- Fan art
- NICO❤️ (Nanbaka)
- Nice people
- Of course food
- Games :))))
- Hanging out with close friends and family members
- Music
- My followers ❤️❤️❤️❤️
- Playing games with my friends
- Going to the mall without interacting with anyone
- Getting money



- People hating on you for doing something that doesn't involve them
- People who judge too fast
- Work
-Lagging games
- Games that don't exist on my phone-
- People hiding my phone
- Literally fake people
- Overthinking
- Forgetting things and then realise you've forgotten something important
- Not having the ability to focus correctly

Heres a random game link lmao

how to not be mean towards emotional people

In this little website, im going to talk about how to not be mean and have the ability to understand emotional people, and if you're one of those judgemental people, then this is for u :)

How to not be mean :)

if you're worried about that you in some kind of way, hurt someone and you're not sure if you're getting the hint from them, then this is also for you guys :)

think before sending a text

Many people just send text messages without thinking if its going to affect the persons emotions or not. and that's not how it should be. instead of this: ok, writhe rather this: okay 👌

Think before sending a text (explanation):

you might be wondering why you should write 'okay 👌' instead of 'ok'. well since society has changed, the meaning behind many words has also changed.

'ok' means now that someone writing it are angry or mad, or that they just don't care.

'okay 👌' sounds more like they care and also that they are in a good mood. (in my opinion)

if you're one of those people who still write like this, just so you get it, you might be hurting someone without knowing it yourself.

if you're the person to write 'no' without any big letters, you're probably making the person you're talking to, think that you dislike them or just don't want to see the crap they've sent.

an emotional person might think the sentence 'do i care' means that the person writing it dont care of what they think, even if they're talking about other people or society thinking that the idea of something they made is bad or "cringe"

i am an emotional person indeed and everything im saying right now, is something i have been through too.

many people go after others just because they are "talking a little too much" in a chat or that they just wrote 'LMAOO' between two people talking or arguing amongst each other.

this is very serious and these things drive many emotional people into thinking that they are just a bother to friends, family and society.

what i want you to do after you've read this, is to go to a person that has told you that they are emotional, takes things too seriously and ask them if you wrote something that in a way hurt them and if they have been thinking of it for a while.

getting hints

if your friend is sending you messages that sound emotional and are about them, i would really suggest you to ask if they're doing ok.

They really like attention and people interacting with them out nowhere because that makes them feel worthy to care about. And in a very high chance, probably show you what they're feeling.

Emotional people often keeps worries for themselves because they are probably scared that people will see it as something very small and tell them that they're overreacting. they are also scared that if they tell someone too much, they will get annoyed and start talking badly to them, which will lead to more worries, overthinking and much more.

Emotional people don't see the difference in what a person writing is saying something in a bad way, or in a positive way, so if you've written something that can also have a bad AND a good meaning, please tell them that you meant it in a way that wasn't supposed to hurt them.

(all of this is from MY point of view since i have experienced this)

i really hope you learnt something while reading this. and if you saw something that was written wrong, please tell me.

after you've read this, go to a friend that you think is sad of something you wrote and ask them if you said something to upset them.

How to make a presentation

after you've read this, you will 100% be able to make a presentation and MAYBE without someone's help :)

many people struggle with making a presentation, because they aren't sure what they should write and put in the presentation slides. but i am 99% sure that YOU are going to be successful with making a presentation after reading this.

down below here, i have written an example on how to make a presentation:

Slide number 1 (THE START):
- write down the name of the theme of what you're going to write about
- the names of the creators that made this presentation
- a picture that resembles the theme (only if you're going to have a picture as the background)

Slide number 2 (INTRODUCTION):
- write down keywords of what you're going to have in the next slides.
for example:
saying it: in this presentation im going to talk about the Government in Norway

- Where its located
- how many workers there are
- when when it was invented or how long it has been there
- how many people go there
- how it looks
- and more (don't write this down)

Slide number 3 (MAIN PART):

- write information about one of those keywords you chose in the previous slide.

- write one of the keywords in each slide

Continue this until you've written about all of the keywords

Slide number 7 (SOURCES):
- write down every single source you've used for the presentation
- you can also write down who helped u (but ask them for permission first, if you can put them in the presentation)

i hope you've learnt how to make a presentation.

anyway heres markiplier spinning a doll


The life of an emotional and overthinking person

in this story im going to talk about how it's like being an emotional person every day. how their daily basis is, what they do and more. im going to write just as an emotional person would have written if they were honest about their life. i really hope you'll enjoy reading this and if you find any mistakes please make sure to tell me.

I always wake up feeling exhausted and tired, but i try my best to fight the will to sleep again since its.. school. i want to meet my friends, but i don't want to attend the classes. I'm scared to get a bad grade and then overthink about it. I don't know why i overthink about these stuffs. they happen in your lifetime and it's nothing to be afraid of since it's just a grade. i keep telling myself that when I get my grades, but they never work. i still feel like crap.

I get up and make myself ready. my parents drive me to school and i hang out with my friends. everything is great until i accidently bumbed into a guy. 'Omg-' he says. my heart drops. i can feel myself getting sad and tired. so many thoughts are running through my mind. Why did he say that? is he mad at me? will he come after me every day? what even made him say that? i just feel like being alone for now, but i don't want to upset my friends. i don't want to be alone like the last time. im just really scared of people hating on me, since I've had a bad past, and it seems like it wont let go. when i come from school its just the same. cleaning around, watching your phone just a bit and then making your Packed lunches.
my only wish is that people treat me nicely, no matter who they are. i don't like asking for attention because im scared people will think of me as an attention seeker, and that would drive them away. that is often the reason i often keep things to myself because i also dont want to get hurt by people telling me theire getting tired of this. well im also getting tired of overreacting and crying over small stuff. i also try to be an adult and manage things by myself, like not watching your phone all the time, being with others, but it's hard since nothing happens at home. literally nothing, but sometimes even the slightest attention makes me happy. even if someone just comes and says hi to me, or that they want to do something with me makes me just so happy. all my worries dissappear. im not saying that every day is like this. some days are good, since i watch movies with my family, do things with them and somedays are bad, but other days will be better :)