Tell the world what you're made of—ahm, okay. Blood? Water? Char, I'm an accounting student so i am composed of coffee with six shots of anxiety.

First and foremost, I am not famous. I actually don't know why did I installed this app, or why did I make a website. Okay, maybe, I know. But it's meaningless. HAHAHHAHAHA.

I made this because the graphics attracted me.

Anyway, this blog may or may not compose of my random ramblings, whines, shenanigans and/or everything under the sun that I experienced.


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The world is under a pandemic right now and Philippines has one of the most number of infected. Despite that fact, Deped and CHED opened the classes and refused to implement #AcademicFreeze. In times when it is really hard to study, these apps would make it somehow atleast bearable.

Take Note: Free apps, and for low-budget students.


There's tons of note-taking apps in Google Play that you may come across to when you search for it. Almost everything is download-worthy, almost everything really looked so fab and would make your online classes bearable. Actually, I have tried and dowload almost everyone of them just so I can test what falls on my tase. Or what note-taking app is the most effective. And I found three (3) which prevailed and I didn't uninstalled.

You may download all of it, or you may download only on. Depends on you, but here's everything you need to know about those three.

1. Bundled Notes

Okay, first of all, I loooove the graphics. I love that there's wide range of colors that you can choose from to customize your notes. And it's actually very pleasing into the eye. You can also combine your notes together.

Most of the time, I categorize it by folders. but with Bundled Notes? You don't have to do that! It helps you bundle your notes together, you may even combine your notes from one subject and another if the lesson is somewhat similar.

What I also love about it is you can add hyperlinks to its notes, make it easier to open sites.


These are the features that sadly, doesn't have Bundles Notes but wish they do.

1. You can't add files.
2. Limitations of folders

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