About me

Ashley Roberts

Hi so glad your here! My name is Ashley Brooke Roberts. I am a wife and a mom to SIX kids. I was a photographer when I only had three kids. I started in 2012. I started getting into YouTube a couple of years ago (watching it) and quickly knew I would love to do that myself. My life is super busy, and I didn’t have the right kind of equipment to do it the right way. I played around with the editing software a little bit and loved the creativity. I have not yet done a traditional “vlog” where I film my whole day and talk to camera and that kinda thing. So my “vlogs” are lacking in that area. It all comes down to being comfortable showing my crazy life, and all the unpretty sides. Also having the time to pick up the real camera and not just my phone. The main reason I would love to be big in YouTube is I already have a passion for creating videos and photographs of my family. I still use my canon and not a vlogging camera yet. I am trying to find the time to work on it. I know that my kids lives, and not missing all the little things are ultimately most important to me. And think about it. I’m already trying to squeeze in not missing a beat on six kids lives. Also cleaning up after them, and keeping them safe mentally. Which is pretty hard these days actually. I’m not putting anything over being there for my kids. My husband works away a lot as well,so I’m always feeling like a single mom. Used to be a military wife as well, but he is just national guard and only full time when he was deployed. . I have always been the only one to feed or change my baby. He has maybe changed them a couple times. My husband can’t stand the thought of baby food so he didn’t even do that. They have never had pumped milk or taken a bottle. All strictly nursed until they felt necessary to wean. The longest ever nursed being two years. I’m usually the one to take them to their practices and “most” of their games. Trust me I’ve been through it. Like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve had fifteen years mom experience and my current toddler is possibly the craziest.

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