Who is the aKDF Foundation?

The aKDPhi International Foundation is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit charitable organization, focused on the empowerment of minority women.

Our vision is a world where women of ALL backgrounds have equal access to personal & professional development and physical & mental health resources.


Where do my donations go?

Your tax deductible donations may be directed to any or all of these funds!

CAA Scholars Program

We are excited to announce the pilot of our Chapter Alumnae Association (CAA) Scholars Program.

Provide scholarships for your actives and alumnae through the aKDF Foundation. This is a great way to provide scholarships specifically for members of your CAA/Chapter while leveraging the tax advantages of donating to a non-profit (tax-deductible donations). 

-->Sisters and all who donate will gain a tax advantage since donations to the aKDF Foundation are tax-deductible. This may encourage them to donate more to your scholarship!
-->Chapter scholars and your Chapter/CAA will be recognized at our annual Convention!
-->How does my Chapter/CAA get more information?Complete the form below by 12/31/2020

This year, we will choose up to five (5) chapters for our pilot program.

Join our Pilot program!

Mental Health Awareness Founders Program

Donate to this fund and be recognized as a Founding Donors of this this fund! Once we reach $10,000 in donations we will announce the timing or of our first MHA Grant Program, to benefit mental health awareness and support in minority communities.

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Scholarship Fund

This funds the Sophia Yen and International Foundation Scholarships.

Eligibility criteria and applications for the Sophia Yen Scholarship are released in the Spring.

International Foundation Scholarships are provided on a rolling basis.


General Fund

Support our efforts by supporting operations, marketing, resources, etc. The aKDF Foundation is ran by unpaid volunteers.


Breast Cancer Awareness Fund

Donations help fund our BCA Grant Program, which supports BCA organizations providing support and awareness programs for survivors and warriors.


MHA Founders Program

Be a Founding Donor

Contribute a minimum of $25+ individually or $250 as a chapter and be recognized as a Founding Donor for our newest program.

Once the fund has raised $10,000 or more, we will announce the timing of our first Mental Health Grant Program to benefit organizations and charities who provide mental health awareness and support for minority communities. 

Individual Donation Recognition
Candle ️ Donor: $25+
Hourglass  Donor: $50+
Diamond  Donor: $100+
Phoenix  Donor: $250+

Chapter Donation Recognition
Candle ️ Donor: $250+
Hourglass  Donor: $500+
Diamond  Donor: $1,000+
Phoenix  Donor: $2,500+

Breast Cancer Awareness Grant Awardees 2020

Congratulations to these amazing organizations for being selected for our grant program.

2020 BCA Fundraising Campaign

Thank you to all who supported our efforts!

Thank you to all of our chapters and alumnae who contributed to our 2020 BCA Fundraising Campaign! Together we raised over $75,000, your efforts are impressive and you are making a huge difference in the fight against breast cancer. 

We are thankful for the following: 

International Leadership Board (BOD, NB, & NAB) for their efforts to support this campaign. 100% of ILB donated towards the 2020 BCA Fundraising Campaign. 

All active houses and CAAs who participated and raised funds during these unprecedented times.

Special shoutout to University of Oklahoma who raised over $12,000!

The following chapters raised over $2,000: University of Houston, University of Virginia, University of Florida, the University of Texas at Austin, Boston University, University of Wisconsin, Madison, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.