About me

That dedicated stay at home mom

Hi there ! I’m allison. I’m a mom to two beautiful kids. My son Elliot, born September 10th 2017 & my daughter Charley, born February 21st 2019. I was born and raised here in Southern California, horse town USA (aka Norco).

I’ll be honest. I’m typing this bio out thinking “what are you doing get ahold of reality girl!” But the truth is, I’ve always wanted to connect with the world. I love sharing fun tips & tricks I learn. I love trying to inspire people through life if i could.

That’s what my page is here for. I’m here to share my journey through life, parenting, being a stay at home moms & homemaker. The raw truth. Along with some fun cooking tips and other hobbies I find fascinating to pass the time!

I’m so glad to have you here on my journey! Whatever the reason was to bring you here, I’m glad you’re here my friend.

The start of our love story

The beginning...

The summer of 2008...

That’s when I first met andrew. It was at a car show at Legg Lake Whittier Ca. Boy was andrew one with words... I’m not sure if you know this but for me it wasn’t exactly “love at first sight” it was more like a “please stop talking” sorta deal. He might tell the story different but andrew for sure had that “I’m from Chino HILLS and I’m on the football team” attitude fully down to a T. But, there was definitely something about him that was attractive. Could have been that rebellious style he gave off.

He’s your local DJ (DREWSKEE). For as long as I’ve known andrew music has always been in his heart. If there’s one way I can describe his idea of a perfect day it would involve; music, low riders, his family with a can of old English in his hand. I know right? Like who even drinks that?!

He’s a very calm person. No, really! He’s EXTREMELY calm. Almost boring actually? (Insert laugh here) — but I love that boring old fart. Can you believe we’ve even together for over Nine years now?! It’s crazy! Time has really gone fast.

I don’t want to make this part extremely long *cough* (to late) because I’ll definitely turn our relationship story / advice into other slides. Maybe you have questions for Andrew? I put his IG link here so you are free to message him or myself.