Alpha Cleaning & Creative Services

Cleanliness is Luxury!

Firstly, thank you for trusting Alpha Cleaning & Creative Servives with your cleanliness needs!

We're committed to offering a range of cleaning, organizing, and creative services in NYC. Alpha Cleaning & Creative Services is a family run company started by Grecia López, La Corner Cleaner, and named after her son, Alpha God.

The goal is to provide services to anyone who’s in need, no matter their background or income. Cleanliness is a luxury that everyone deserves and should have access to. AC&CS is luxurious, but also humble and realistic: every customer’s experience and service will be tailored to their needs. La Corner Cleaner likes to think of AC & CS as a family and you, our clients, being an extention of that family.

Our growing team has 10+ years in the hospitality and housekeeping industry. Though our company may be new, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to extend to you. The Luxury Clean Crew has worked with AirBNB Hosts, the Handy platform, The Salon at Bergdorf Goodman, One Fine Stay, Realtors, Toys R Us, local Mom & Pop shops, Private Offices and the list goes on.

Your home is every bit a sanctuary as it is a hot mess when life gets a little crazy, so let us give you a Scrub'd N Tidy Oasis.

Cleanliness is Luxury!

Service-Based Business Success Book

COMING SOON 2023 ! Remember, Cleanliness is Luxury!