Amaretti & Bigne’

We are a family home based business that was born from the desire of bringing Italian desserts and food to your family table. We strive to bring you the experience of fresh and warmth of the food that Marisa, the owner, grew up with.
We offer delicious baked goods from amaretti to customized cakes and so many delicious pastries in between.
We also offered a range of crowd pleasing Italian food staples like lasagna, veal parmigiana and much more. From our family kitchen to your family table with love and passion.

Let us be part of your next family gathering or event for that special alla Italiana touch!!!

***We follow Covid-19 guidelines and protocols to ensure our customers’ safety***

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Our Products

See some pictures of our beautiful and delicious creations!

Diamond Heart shaped Chocolate Smash Cake !!!

Customize the color and the content of this amazing delicious box !!!

Amaretti Box

Amaretti & Bigne’ Holiday Box.
2 Dozen of Amaretti (Italian cookies) in a beautiful red box ready to be gifted to others or to yourself !!!!

Tiramisu Cake

A crowd favourite!!!


Delicious and traditional dessert filled with ricotta cheese or your choice of cream !!!

Italian pastries

We have a variety of Italian pastries !!! Zeppole, canolli, tiramisu squares, and much more.

Get to know us!!!

Let me introduce you to the heart and soul of Amaretti & Bigne’ , Marisa Macri.
Marisa was born and raised in Italy. She immigrated to Canada few decades ago. She embraced this adventure and worked hard to follow her dreams. She always reminisced the smell and taste of fresh food set on the table during family gatherings under the warmth sun of beautiful Calabria. Marisa has always have the passion to cook and bake. Since a young age she was helping her mom in the kitchen. Her desire to share that passion with others was what inspired her to start recreating the delicious sweets and dishes that she grew up with. Not only she wanted to share the delicious food with others but also the experience of family dinners full of delicious food, aromas , textures and most of all love. That’s how Amaretti & Bigne’ was born. Her recipes are authentic and they are cooked with passion, tradition and love. From Marisa’s kitchen to your family table.