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My name is Amelie, I’m 21 and I’m a student and digital nomad! 🌸

I’m originally from Brunswick, Germany. When I was 18, I decided to apply for University of Montreal, where I’m currently majoring in communication & technology !

After being a client for 3 months, I took the opportunity to start my own business and became a market partner for MONAT (modern nature), a vegan hair and skin care company. 🌿

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Thank you for visiting my website! :)

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Introducing MONAT

modern nature

🌿 In October 2014, MONAT officially opened their doors for business. During their first 5 years, they became a billion dollar company.

🌿 MONAT stands for “Modern Nature”. It is a vegan, all naturally based, toxin free hair and skin care line based in Miami, Florida. All ingredients are manufactured in the US.

🌿 Monat combines the powers of naturally based ingredients with the technology of modern science to bring out the best in your hair and skin.

The 180 MVMNT

Join us!

The 180 MVMNT is a group of MONAT consultants who believe in the business opportunity that this company provides!

Our values are based on authentic content, genuine relationship building and great customer service. When you become a Market Partner or even a VIP client, you will become part of a family. You will have access to amazing resources, group chats and fantastic mentors.

We are students, teachers, mothers, health care workers, all in all just normal people who saw this business opportunity as a chance and decided to jump in!

The name “180 MVMNT” says it already - We are doing a 180 from typical network marketing. We care about our friends, family and clients and want to spread the word. We believe in the products and know that they will enrich everyone’s life’s.

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