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Free gifts ideas

Bored of the free gift you gave to your customers? Why not try to gave these next time 😍 I've been listing the item that is very affordable as a free gift 😊

Phone holder

Enjoy watching your favourite drama or youtube videos with this stand! Your hand will thank you for this 😊

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Mask extender

The most useful thing in this pandemic! 😍 You ear will never hurt again and you will feel less annoyed of you forgot to wear the mask from inside your hijab 😊

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Face mask storange

The place where you can keep your mask when you ear eating at public. More hygienic if I must say πŸ˜‰

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Zipper pouch

This zipper is multi-functions. Can store anything that you want! Stationery, make-up or even your personal items.

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Drawstring bag

Another useful free gift idea. Same as the zipper pouch, it can store anything you like! It come in different size and design πŸ˜‰

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Mini mirror

Who said mirror is not important?

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Pen fan (or fan pen? )

This 2-in-1 fan is da bomb! Feeling a little bit warm in the room? Grab this! πŸ˜‚

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Mini cosmetic pouch

Although the name said it, it can also store anything you like πŸ’•

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Cute sock!

Another things to keep your self warm 😍 your customers gonna love this!

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This is a girl-best friend, trust me. Any girls can't resist this cute scrunchies! Also I heard it reduce and prevent hair loss πŸ‘€

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Coin purse

Searching for a storage for your shillings? Grab this now! You can also store small cosmetic such as liptint or eyeshadow

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Nail clippers

Ohhhh this thing! Isn't it always dissappear when we need it the most? 😒 Why not have this nail clipper as a keychain? You can hang it or put it with your keys

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Hair clips

Another girl-best friend especially with problematic hair. Pin your hair so it will never entered your eyes or mouth again!

Shop here!

Portable soap

Oh no! Soap dispenser at the public toilet ran out? Don't worry! This portable, cute soap paper get your back 😍

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Mini wipe tissues

Forget your hand sanitizer? Use this wipes!

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Useful for jotting down shopping list or simply our assignments πŸ™‚

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Hmm well this is extraordinary as a free gift but hey! It's functioning alright? πŸ˜‰ What a life savior

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Sticky notes

Same function as the notepad, only this time it can be stick at visible places 😍

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Cable clip

Are you tired of tied earphones? How about we clip it with this cute cable clipper? 😍

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Vitamin pen

Ooopss! Don't get me wrong! It's not edible πŸ˜† it's a pen!

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Oh please say yes to this cute bookmarks with motivational quotes with it 😍

Shop here!

Calender bookmark

Wow! Only 25 sen per pcs! 😍😍

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Safety First!

Well, prepare the umbrella before it gets rain! Accident can be happen anywhere so bettwr be prepared πŸ˜‰

Self-defense kit

All-in-1 self defense kit that are crucial for you to have it especially when you enjoy your own company. Get yours now! It hot-selling 😍

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Pocket knife

This is not an ordinary pocket knife. For the first reason is because the design itself doesn't look like a knife at a glance. Secondly, it can pass the security check. Thirdly, it is so lightweight and have safe buckle-like sliding knob 😘

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Sharp ring

You better not mess up with this ring! This cat-like ring comes with very sharp cat's ear that will gonna leave a mark on the attacker's body. OUCH!

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Mini stun gun

What a holy grail! Cost you only RM56 (promo)

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Window breaker / Kubaton

Might not lethal but can leave a mark. Make sure you know how to handle this thing, okay?

Found this for only RM2.99 (promo) ❀️

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Resin Custom Knife

This one is cheaper cause it made from resin and you can choose the knife's design

All below RM20

Shop here!

Stainless steel telescopic metal stick

It's cool but be careful not to hit yourself with it!

Shop here!

Pepper Spray

Careful! It can cause blindness πŸ˜†

Price starting from RM14

Shop here!

Personal Alarm Keychain

They don't hear your scream? Let this keychain scream for you!

RM6.35 only! (Promo)

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Hand paper-shredder

I know that you think how can this paper shredder be in this list? Well, do you know people can steal your personal information such as name, phone no and address from the consignment slip from your parcel? Make sure to shred it beforw throwing them away!

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Say cheese!

Love photography? You might love these items too! 😍

Mini studio

If you are small business owners, you might need this to have beautiful photoshoot of your products 😍 Don't worry it's from local.

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Flexible octopus tripod

Have you ever seen a tripod that can twist-and-turn? Meet this baby! I'm sure you'll love it! 😍

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Ring light + tripod

Enjoy making video? Or you need something to hold your phone while doing video assignment or video resume? You need this! 😍

Shop here!

Ring light with mirror

Do you love make up but your room doesn't give the perfect lighting? Maybe you need this mirror to brighten up your day! 😍 You can also do make up tutorial with it!

Shop here!

Fish-eye lens

You wanna take picture with KLCC but your phone don't give commitment? Put on this lens and you get a wider angle!

Shop here!

Ring light for phone

Do you have problem with lighting when taking selfies? Why not clip this on your phone and give the perfect lighting to your beautiful selfies 😍

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Satin backdrop

Are you still using your tudung bawal as a backdrop? Why not using this official satin backdrop? πŸ’•

Shop here!

2-sided backdrop

You don't like fur carpet and satin cloth as a backdrop? Fret not! How about these backdrop? It looks aesthetic and simple to me 😍 also it have 2 design for each!

Shop here!

PVC backdrop

Wanna have simple background colour? How about this PVC backdrop? It's waterproof and wrinkle proof too

Shop here!

Vintage mirror

Oh my, just look at this mirror! It create aesthetic and classic looks for your product 😍

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Searching something to exercise your mouth? Let's take a look here!

Braunies Bites with Melted Chocolate

Homemade brownies + melted Chocolate?

Talk about perfect combination! ❀️🀀

Shop here!

Kisu Chocoyu by Ayda Jebat

πŸ’œ1 pouch=RM4.80
πŸ’œ1 box (6 pouch) =RM27.00

Shop here!

Icebar Pop Malaysia

1 kotak ada 6 pcs
RM10 jer!

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Ready To Eat Sambal Hitam Pahang

Sesuai untuk yang ada masa terhad nk makan sedap2 and pelajar di asrama yang bosan makanan kat cafe heheh

RM15 sahaja!

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Viscoff Chocojar

Chocolate? Lotus Biscoff? Pergh dua ramuan ni bergabung meletup bhaii!

RM16.90 sahaja πŸ’œ

Shop here!

Sambal Hitam Tokthevaini

Perghhh ni macam2 jenis sambal instant dia ada 🀩
RM10 jer satu pack πŸ’œ

Shop here!

Kek Batik / Crimebites / KRASSY Cookies

Macam2 kedai ni jual makanan! Nampak menyelerakan la pula 🀩

Shop here!

Pretzel and Cookies Dip with Oreo Crumbs

Bosan asyik2 makan chocojar je? Jom makan pretzel pula. Ada pilihan white chocolate atau chocolate biasa as toppings 🀩

RM12 jer! Boleh add on jadikan gift box!

Shop here!

Eskem Bites

Haaa! Siapa dulu suka makan ice cream Cornetto and then tak sabar nk tunggu hujung corn dia sebb ada coklat tu 🀩
Your wish come true with this Eskem Bites!

RM25 jer!

Shop here!

Keropok Ikan Tamban

Sedap ni petang2 cicah sos atau makan dengan nasi goreng 🀩


Shop here!

Chocotum Crispy

Bukan chocolate + ketum tau. Ia disalut Nestum! ❀️

Harga bermula dr RM15

Shop here!

Syera Store

She's selling
πŸ’œChingu Topokki
πŸ’œMellow Crunch
πŸ’œPretzel dip

Jom usha kedai dia!

Shop here!

Eat With Me

This shop selling
πŸ’œLatok Pop Pop Shrink!
πŸ’œChingu Topokki

Let's visit her shop!

Shop here!



Shop here!


This shop is selling
πŸ’œYeen Kukis celup
πŸ’œsmoresmallow Yeen Kukis
πŸ’œPes Makanan Instant Nekma

Shop here!

Kerepek Ubi Pedas Manis Basah

Selain kerepek ubi basah, dia pun jual Peyek Salted egg tau! 😍

Shop here!

Latok Pop! Pop! Shrink!

Mengidam something yang natural dan berkhasiat?
Jom cuba latok ni! Inilah rahsia kulit cantik orang Sabah! 🀩

RM15 sahaja

Shop here!

KCM Chocojar Leleh

Pelbagai perisa Chocojar yang korang boleh pilih!

Harga antara RM10-RM16 sahaja

Jom usha!

Shop here!

Mouthgasm Crunchy Machiato

Bosan dengan Chocojar? Why not try perisa kopi pula

Shop here!

Mellow Crunch and Mellow Cookies

Kalau tadi kopi, sekarang Kita ara Mellow! Chocojar berasaskan Milo! 🀩

Harga bermula dari RM13.90

Shop here!

Fudgy Brownies (KOKOBEE PREMIUM)

Sedapnya brownies! Ada dua jenis: marsmellows atau biscoff!

RM35 sahaja

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PopcornLisa Popcorn Mewah Caramel

Sedap juga kan kalau makan popcorn sambil layan drama πŸ˜†πŸ’œ dah la fully coated dengan caramel! 😍🀀

RM20 (500mg) dan RM40 (1KG)

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Lotus Biscoff

Waaaahhhh siapa suka Lotus Biscoff mesti kena rasa grab semua ni!

Shop here!

Barang Gian Popcorn Caramel

Another popcorn coming thru!

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Monstr Cookies

OMG gais! Siapa suka cookies!

This shop jual macam2 set cookiee! 😍😍

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