My name is Avni and I’m a digital content creator and aspiring social entrepreneur. I live in the Bay Area with my husband Eric and cat Boba (two of us are introverts, and the extrovert meows. A lot 😼).

I grew up in Silicon Valley reading Enid Blyton adventure novels, shopping with Mom at Ross, and listening to the hilarious mechanics on Car Talk. I’ve also lived in Los Angeles, San Diego, Paris, England, India...but I knew I’d end up back here eventually.


What I’m into.

🤩I have a particular affinity for dreamers, mavericks, coaches, advocates, travelers, inventors, and visionaries who might be considered “slightly odd” because of their innate passion for a better world.

🐣I quit meat in high school after watching a particularly moving moment on Oprah, began a (slow) transition to vegan in 2012, and got really into fitness in 2019.

🌱I’m big on social causes, for-good business models, and people who aren’t afraid to speak their truth.


Why I’m here (I think).

My purpose is to lead and empower people to see differently through playful experiences.

I haven’t always lived “on purpose,” but when I have, it’s been obvious.

Things like:

☕️ Hosting an Alice in Wonderland tea party to promote creativity and women entrepreneurs

🎥 Making an interactive documentary about violence against women

🤝 Facilitating intergroup dialogue exercises on topics like structures of oppression

📖 Designing an entrepreneurial storytelling class with a Shark Tank-style final exam

🌏 Traveling and immersing myself in different local and global cultures

3 content tips


Document the evolution

There’s nothing like seeing your progress one, five, or ten years from now, so start capturing the journey in pictures and video at the start. This fitness progress photo keeps me motivated, but you can apply this to any project or business.


Show enthusiasm

Get 110% hyped about whatever you’re doing! Enthusiasm is infectious — people will feel your passion as long as you remember to communicate it online too. HECK YEAH!


Use multimedia

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the format of your content. People learn differently, and often you will need a mix of written + visual content to effectively get your message across.

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I’ve built a career around story-driven, informative written and visual content.

🎓 I believe the next chapter of my life will be more about playful experiences that serve the greater good.

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