About Us

It’s the journey that counts, not the destination.

We are a nonprofit organization constituted of three students and their teacher, with the common goal of promoting health and well-being to students, graduates, and young professionals. We want to help the new generation find a healthy balance between their different social roles, one Instagram post at a time.

Our content covers various personal development topics, 7 days a week. Reliable tips and tricks, recommendations, fun challenges, and many inspirations will be shared each day to accompany our followers on their life journey. This content is inspired by our own experiences, scientific support, books, and studies.

We believe we can all be better humans if we adopt a growth mindset and learn to understand ourselves, accept ourselves and pursue our own well-being. We hope this Instagram account will inspire the new generation to embark on this journey with us.

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Salomé’s volunteering experience

I started volunteering very young by taking the initiative to empty the dishwasher. More seriously, in high school i was a youth ambassador for UNICEF. It went from selling croissants every Tuesday, to organizing a race where we raised several thousand euros.

Volunteering has brought me many beautiful things and I must say that it is addictive, once you're in it, it is difficult to do without. In addition to helping and giving a little of your time to people who need it, it's also an opportunity to meet new people! As Michelle Obama would say, "We can live in the world as it is, but that doesn't stop us from doing everything we can to create the world as it should be".

Julie’s volunteering experience

The first time I volunteered was in the Philippines after the 2004 Tsunami. It changed my life to think that without the help of UNICEF and other organizations, entire villages would’ve perished.

I later decided to commit some time each week to “les restos du coeur” distributing food, clothes and giving moral support to individuals and families in need.

Time is my most precious resource, and giving some of my time to those less fortunate than I am is the least I can do.

One of my favorite quotes is « be the change you want to see in the world ».

Every little thing we can do to help has an impact!