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Fenrir's Academy

In a far off land, in an unknown time, five fierce wolf packs have established their lands, similar in geography to China and Korea. The territories are surrounded by vast expanses of forest and lakes, and each pack's territory has distinct features that set them apart from one another.

When the first wolf was created by the Wolf God Fenrir, he created him in his image; strong, fierce, kind, tempered, wise. He created the leaders of the five clans and as they grew they began to fight, unable to differentiate between one another.

Dismayed Fenrir decided to intervene, each of his children needed a strength and a weakness, something uniquely theirs. And so in his wisdom, the god took a part of his Halo and broke it into five pieces one for each direction, North, South, East, West, and Center. He placed the section of halo into each leader, enveloping their soul with its power while they slept. As they tested their newfound power each discovered an affinity for an element. Thus, the original golden core of each pack was created.

Legends say there was an intense battle between the wolves and their human counterparts early in the history of the land. On the night of the blood moon, a rogue wolf lost control of his instincts and went on a rampage killing many humans and wolves

This sparked a deep and heated conflict between the humans and the wolves, the humans taking up arms against the wolves in an attempt to keep such a tragedy from happening again. Because there were 5 packs each pack insisted on a different strategy and different way of handling the war. After many years of battle, a peace treaty was drafted by the wise wolves of Gusu Lan and the packs and the humans came to an uneasy peace.

the wake of the peace treaty Fenrir academy, A school renowned for its teachings was founded by Gusu Lan pack. And has remained a staple institution for hundreds of years. Recently, Lan Qiren has decided to step down as he wanted to focus more on his current pack. The current principal is Jiang Fengmian.

Fenrir academy is a school similar to a university, each student enrols in their chosen undergraduate program - Almost all majors are available. Students ages range from 18 to 23. After graduating, students can become teachers of their chosen field at the age of 25.

Will the peace remain between the packs and with the humans? Will Gusu Lan maintain its position as Leading pack in the following year? Will the school be able to run smoothly?

Gusu Lan

"Be righteous"

Gusu Lan

Residency: Cloud Recesses.

Element: Air.

Color: White and Blue.

Pack Symbol: Flowing Clouds.

Description of the Terrain/Weather:
- Mountainous and windy especially during the night.

Allies: Yunmeng Jiang and Qinghe Nie.

Description of the Pack:
They are the only pack who originally had 3000 rules to obey, nowadays there are less. The members from Gusu Lan developed an idea to create the united place for offsprings from the different packs to attend and study. They respect every member in the pack, especially an omega, since it is a rare sight to see a pureblood omega in Gusu Lan pack.

Primary Industry: Mentors, Teachers or Writers.

Motto: "Be righteous."

Leader: Lan Qiren.

They Value: Honesty, Loyalty, Discipline, Intelligence.

Signature Color of Gusu Lan: The Lan wolves are known for their pure white fur and icy blue eyes.

Powers Include:
• Air Manipulation – the user can create, shape and manipulate air.

• Aeromancy – is divination conducted by interpreting atmospheric conditions.

• Cloud Manipulation - user can create, shape and manipulate clouds.

• Flight – allows the user to fly for up to five minutes at a time.

• Fog Generation – the user can create fog, making it hard to see them or anything. The user could use the fog generated to blind their foes so they can escape.

• (more related to air)

Pack Guidelines/ Rules:
1. The members must always abide to the regulations found in their pack.
2. Treat everyone with respect and act in your best behavior.

#No of Purebloods in the Pack: 8

Mating Ceremony:
The newly mated couple will write their family rules. They need to write 9 rules to obey and adhere, it will serve as a guideline to love and respect each other. After writing the rules, they will go towards the ancestral hall and recite these rules to the ancestors in order to receive their blessing from Fenrir.

Ranks Available

Lanling Jin

"No matter how much the wind howls the mountain cannot bow"

Lanling Jin

Residency: Koi Tower.

Element: Spirit.

Color: Daffodil Yellow and White.

Pack Symbol: White Peony Flower.

Description of the Terrain/Weather:
- Has a warm and humid type of temperature.

Allies: Everyone, except for Gusu Lan.

Description of the Pack:
The sequence of Lanling Jin pack members regarding the most to least respect given towards the different blood types is: pureblood alphas, half-blood alphas, wolf’s blood alphas, pureblood beta’s, half-blood betas, wolf’s blood beta’s, pureblood omega’s, half-blood omega’s and finally wolf’s blood omegas. Alphas gain the most appreciation than that of omegas. The omegas get the least amount of respect, but regardless of second gender, all ranks are open for all second genders.

Primary Industry: Forestry (wood, paper, heating, essential supplies for the academy).

Motto: "No matter how much the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow."

Leader: Jin Guangshan.

They Value: Prideful, never backs down from a challenge, always trying to expand their influence.

Signature Color of Lanling Jin: The color of their fur is tan. The eye color is grey.

Powers Include:
• Telepathy – the ability to communicate using your mind, as well as the ability to read others mind. A sub skill from telepathy is the ability to move things with your mind.

• Aura Manipulation – the ability to control one's mood.

• Healing – the ability to heal oneself or someone else.

• Clairvoyance – the ability to know something that happened in a different location from your own.

• Astral Manipulation – the ability to communicate with the deceased and/or other people with the same power.

Pack Guidelines/ Rules:
1. Use any means necessary to expand your influence, all while being true to yourself.

#No of Purebloods in the Pack: 8

Mating Ceremony:
The newly mated couple will plant a white peony in the field where all the peonies are located. They will then have their hands bound by a yellow ribbon, and together they say their vows. “We are two, two hearts and two souls together we create the sacred bond of lifelong mates. No matter poor or rich, no matter sick or in health, we shall never dishonor our mate. Forever in Fenrir’s eyes, we are one.”

Ranks Available

Yunmeng Jiang

"Support your pack and be respectful"

Yunmeng Jiang

Residency: Lotus Pier.

Element: Water.

Color: Purple and Grey.

Pack Symbol: A Purple Lotus.

Description of the Terrain/Weather:
- Surrounded by waterbodies, mainly warm during the day, and cold in the night due to the breeze.

Allies: Everyone except Quishan Wen.

Description of the Pack:
They are the most peaceful pack, creating no chaos and just living by their own beliefs and laws. They are in the best relationship of the Gusu clan as they were also the ones who gave most of the encouragement to the Gusu pack and helped in creation of the academy. After being destroyed for the second time, they rebuilt everything with the help of Gusu pack. Along with Gusu pack they respect omegas and every member of the pack, allowing them to grow. Omegas are a great value and usually get the best treatment from all the members.

Primary Industry: Fisherman.

Motto: "Support your pack and be Respectful."

Leader: Jiang Fengmian.

They Value: Wisdom, Kindness, Patience, Creativity.

Signature Color of Yunmeng Jiang: The color of their fur is grey and it could be mixed with white and black with grey spots. For the eye color it would be purple.

Powers Include:
• Water manipulation – the ability to manipulate water.

• Aquabatics – gymnastic feats performed through the usage of water.

• Dehydration – the capacity to have someone to lose more fluid present in their body.

• Frost – to freeze certain objects such as material like structures and people.

• Hydrokinetics – the physical ability to control or manipulate water.

• Bodily Fluid Manipulation – have the ability to create, shape and manipulate body fluids (bodily fluids or biofluids) of oneself and others, liquids originating from inside the bodies of living people.

• (more water related capacity)

Pack Guidelines/ Rules:
1. Discrimination will not be tolerated against anyone.
2. Everyone must be knowledgeable upon the skill set of swimming and fishing for survival.
3. Everyone will to attend archery classes and self-defense classes.
4. Support anyone you see in danger. Inform the Reliable One or Pack Leader, Jiang Fengmian, for support or any issues.

#no of purebloods in the Pack: 8

Mating Ceremony:
The pack leader, Jiang Fengmian, will give the mates a matching lotus pendant. This pendant will serve as a blessing that comes with the initials and mating date, engraved on the pendant by the pack leader.

The newly mated couple will have to take a boat around the Yunmeng Waters, releasing a sky lantern of the couple’s wishes. The other people who attended the ceremony will release their lanterns right in front of the waters to bless the couple.

Ranks Available

Qishan Wen

"Shine with the sun, die with the sun"

Quishan Wen

Residency: Nightless City.

Element: Fire.

Color: Red and Black.

Pack Symbol: Sunburst.

Description of the Terrain/Weather:
- Arid planes with volcanic regions, some fertile farmland at lower elevations.

Allies: None.

Description of the Pack:
Description of the Pack: Wen pack is one of the rougher packs, though closely knit the social hierarchy is ingrained in every aspect of pack life, though the more progressive members would tell otherwise. Your rank second gender and core status determine your prospects in life here. Omegas and betas are typically restricted from obtaining ranks above wise one, though rare exceptions can be made for those with familial ties. For the higher ranks, protector and above, rank is valued over core and second gender status. For the lower ranks core status and second gender play heavily into the respect given by other members of the pack. Standard Second gender and core hierarchy is as follows: Pureblood Alphas → Pureblood Betas→ Half-Blood Alphas →Pureblood Omegas →Half-Blood Betas → Half-Blood Omegas. Typically not seen with any ranking; Wolf-blood Alphas → Wolf-blood Beta’s → Wolf-blood Omegas. Wen wolves are typically ambitious and power-hungry, often vying for political leverage. Leaders tend to be merciless and unforgiving. Clan deserters are hunted down and killed on sight. Though rule of law is upheld under strict accordance higher ranking wolves will break the rules if they see it as a means to increase their power and influence

Primary Industry: Mining, processing, and refining materials.

Motto: "Shine with the sun, die with the sun."
Secondary Motto: “Pack above self, duty before love."

Leader: Wen Rouhan.

They Value: Ambitious and power hungry, often vying for political leverage. Leaders tend to be merciless and unforgiving. Clan deserters are hunted down and killed on sight.

Signature Color of Quishan Wen: The color of their fur is black, dark grey and dark brown. The color of their eyes is red.

Powers Include:
• Pyrokinesis – purported psychic ability allowing a person to create and control fire with the mind.

• Blue Flames Manipulation – the user can create, shape and manipulate blue flames, which are far hotter and more intense than ordinary orange fire.

• Greek Fire Manipulation – the user can create, shape, and manipulate Greek fire, a deadly incendiary substance that can continue burning while on contact with water.

• Dark Fire Manipulation – combination of Fire Manipulation and Negative Forces Manipulation (The power to manipulate all forms of negativity.)

• Dynamokinesis – is a Kinetic Ability that allows one to create and manipulate energy, whether it be physical, metaphysical and magical.

• Tephrakinesis – the psychic ability to generate and manipulate ashes, cinders and charred matter at will.

• Typhokinesis – is an ability which allows the user to generate and manipulate smoke. One with this ability can breathe smoke, pollute air by turning it into smoke or even converting immense amounts of it to poison to harm foes or as a means of cover or stealth. One with this ability could, with practice, possibly turn themselves into a smoke form, essentially separating their molecules and then bringing them back together. This would obviously be a weakness in a windy environment.

• Photokinesis – is the mental and/or physical ability to control light. To a greater extent, one could become invisible, concentrate light particles into lasers, and manipulate any part of the light spectrum.

• Umbrakinesis or Sciakinesis – is the ability to mentally generate and manipulate darkness, the absence of light. (very rare)

• Fragokinesis – can create, shape and manipulate explosions, a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperatures and the release of gases.

• (more primarily related to fire)

Pack Guidelines/ Rules:
1. Omegas and betas are typically restricted from obtaining ranks above wise one, though rare exceptions can be made for those with familial ties.
2. For the higher ranks, protector and above, rank is valued over core and second gender status.
3. For the lower ranks core status and second gender play heavily into the respect given from other members of the pack.
** Will break the rules if they see it as a means to increase their power and influence.

#no of purebloods in the Pack: 12

Mating Ceremony:
Traditionally, the bond mark’s location is over or near the wolf’s pack birthmark, then the wolf’s tattoo and bond mark over the mate’s wound. From the sanctuary where the tattooing is performed, they walk together through Nightless city to the highest room in the city (in the palace). There they take a rosewater bath together and consummate their love in a room dripping in blood red chiffon and silk. Depending on the status of the couple; they check the Luna to make sure they’ve been.... Deflowered. This is typically only for higher ranked pack members.

Ranks Available

Qinghe Nie

"If you're not part of the problem, don't try to fix it"

Qinghe Nie

Residency: Unclean Realm.

Element: Earth.

Color: Brown and Green.

Pack Symbol: Grey Stone Dragon.

Description of the Terrain/Weather:
- Plains some rolling hills, mostly dry/agrarian.

Allies: Gusu Lan and Lanling Jin.

Description of the Pack:
The pack dynamics are as follows: pureblood alphas > half-blood alphas > pureblood betas > pureblood omegas > half-blood betas > half-blood omegas. Qinghe Nie pack is one of the rough packs. They had never invested themselves in the drama, as long as they are left alone in their own realm. Qinghe Nie wolves are amazing swordsmen. Their swordsmanship is the best in the whole land.

Primary Industry: Swordsmen.

Motto: " If you're not part of the problem, don't try to fix it."

Leader: Nie Mingjue.

They Value: Swordsmanship, they're brave, independent and diligent.

Signature Color of Qinghe Nie: The color of their fur is brown. The color of their eyes is green.

Powers Include:
• Abacomancy – a form of divination based on the interpretation of the patterns in dust, dirt, silt, sand, or the ashes of the recently deceased. Reading the patterns is believed to give some insight into the future.

• Healing – to mend injuries for yourself or someone else.

• Earth Manipulation – the power to manipulate elements derived from earth (rock, metal, etc.). User can create, shape and manipulate earth and "Earthen" elements.

• Chlorokinesis – the ability to manipulate plants.

• Biokinesis – ability to manipulate organic matter.

• Argentopoeia – the user can turn any matter, organic or inorganic, into silver.

• (more related to earth or metal)

Pack Guidelines/ Rules:
1. Alphas will be treated with respect, as will any Pureblood.
2. Stay out of any drama or issues unless it’s directly involved with you.
3. Any issues are to be reported to the Reliable One who will then report to your leader.
4. Everyone must take at least one Defense Class for self-defense.

#no of purebloods in the Pack: 8

Mating Ceremony:
Qinghe Nie’s ceremony is traditional and earth toned in terms of the theme. Declared under Fenrir, the two mates state the following words “Till death do us part I am yours and yours alone.” The bonded mates will craft a sword together for the special event. After reciting the statement and crafting the sword, they are now two souls bounded forever.

Ranks Available


Where do you fit in?

(首)The Leading One – He is the leader of the pack.

(娘)The Mother – He is the Luna of the pack. The leader’s mate.

(二首) The Reliable One – The second in command, takes care of the pack when the leader is absent.

(守护) The Protector – The general of the pack. He is responsible for the protection of the pack and strategies during the war.

(学) The Wise One – He is the scholar or scientist of the pack.

(兵) The Strong One – The warrior or soldier.

(医) The Caring One – A doctor or healer of the pack.

(刀) The Fast One – A hunter or food provider for the pack.

(爱) The Loving One – He is the care taker of the pack.

(无) The Ones Without a Rank – peaceful citizens.

(☾) Luna – The rank a submissive receives after mating. The wolf gets a new rank, yet the tasks he was doing in his previous rank are the same in the new rank.

(☼) Sol – The rank a dominant gets after mating. The wolf gets a new rank, yet the tasks he was doing in his previous rank are the same in the new rank.

Second Gender

Alpha, Beta, and Omega

•Alpha : From ancient times Alphas have been known to be the protectors and leaders of the packs. This tradition is still carried to this day. They play a role in the breeding process. Alphas can go into ruts, this is a period in the month when these wolves feel the urge to breed their (or an omega, and, or beta). The Alpha will begin letting off strong pheromones that attract both Betas and Omegas-Betas aren't as attracted as Omegas.

•Beta : These wolves have no roles in the breeding process, meaning they can't have any children unless they purchase Fenrir's gift. Physically these wolves can resemble either Omegas or Alphas. Betas tend to have high ranking positions in the pack and they also have abilities that help them in combat and healing. Betas will only have their heat/rut when they are with someone they like, whether it be romantically or sexually.

•Omega: Omegas are wolves that play the other role in the breeding process. These are wolves that go into heat-something similar to a rut-where they feel the need to let their Alpha (or an Alpha) breed them. During this time the Omega will become more docile and their bodies will release pheromones that smell sickeningly sweet. Both Alphas and Betas will be affected, but Betas aren't as affected as Alphas.


Pureblood, Half-Blood, and Wolf-Blood

Pureblood: They have a full golden core, which means they have two powers and rank higher in their respective pack. They are able to shift into their wolf form at any time.

Half-Blood: They have a broken golden core, which means they have one power, and they usually rank in the middle in their respective pack.

Wolf-Blood: They have no core, which means they have no powers, and usually are rankless. They are forced to shift during the full moon.

Relationships and Sex

Love and Lust

☽ Rut : This is a point during the month when the alpha have an urgent need to breed. Their bodies release strongly arousing pheromones, attracting both omegas and betas. Betas aren’t as affected as omegas are. usually during this period they become more violent and ruthless.

☽ Knotting : Knotting happens when an alpha is having sex. A knot begins to form at the base of an alpha’s cock (sexual organ) when they are close to ejaculating. The knot will catch on the omega’s rim and it connects the alpha and their partner together for minutes to ensure that breeding occurs.

☽ Heat : Heats occur once during the month. At this time omegas have a strong urge to let an alpha breed them. Sweet smelling pheromones emit from the omega’s body, attracting both alphas and betas. Although, Betas aren’t as affected as the alphas. usually during this period an omega becomes more obedient and submissive.
PS. Beta's will only have their heat/rut when they are with someone they like, whether it be sexually or romantically. IF THE PARTNER IS DOMINANT - HEAT, IF PARTNER IS SUBMISSIVE - RUT.

If you decide you're ready to take the next step with your lover, please go to the tab marked as 'Mating and Becoming one'

Mating and Becoming One

Two becomes one

☽ Marking / Bonding :  Marking is the process of bonding two wolves together. To mark their desired mate, a wolf normally bites their partner on the neck, thighs, or any desired area. Once the marking process is completed—seeing as it’s mutual on both sides—the mark is permanent and no other wolf can mark another wolf that is already mated. However, during the marking process of the wolf being marked does not want it, the mark will be rejected meaning no bonding has happened and the bite will fade. Wolves who complete the marking process and have bonded will share an emotional and spiritual connection.  Bonded wolves can communicate telepathically, feel each other’s emotions and read each other’s mind. If a wolf’s mate dies, they soon follow after their mate. bonded wolves can talk telephatically.

Becoming mates - it is an important event in every wolves' life. it is tying your destiny and future with that one special person. it is sharing your emotions and life with them. the bonded wolves can feel each other, their emotions - physical and emotional pain. they can share their spiritual energy, they can make each other stronger. they feel deeper, love stronger and protect wiser. to become a mate, the wolf has to go through a ceremony - the knot of destiny. both future mates have to vow to the god of wolves - fenrir. they have to promise the god upmost loyalty and love in an exchange for a bond. one of the mates has to prove themselves to be a good luna to their mate - prove their skills in caring, supporting and guiding the other. the sol - leading wolf - has to prove that he is worthy to take care, protect and fight for his luna. only then they can become mates. the creation of a bond is simple. both wolves have to engage in a passionate act. when the sol has deflowered his luna, both of the wolves have to bite each other necks until a bonding mark is created. the bonding mark is a beautiful moon serpent - for luna it is colored silver, for sol it is colored gold. once the bond is formed, they have tied their lives together - forever.


You can find this information under each packs tab.

Merging of the Cores and Creating New Life

Are you ready to start a family?

Every wolf has its own golden core and hence they have superpowers as it is impossible for a completely male society to bear offspring Fenrir devised accommodations to produce a child a bonded couple prays together to Fenrir in their packs sanctuary. by bonding, these wolves have an established connection to one another. During heat this connection also connects the pair to Fenrir, thus Fenrir hears their call and comes to oversee. Not every mating creates new life.

Possible outcomes between couples:
Pureblood x pureblood= pureblood
Pureblood x half blood=coreless
Half blood x half blood =half blood
Pureblood x coreless w/ fenrirs gift= coreless
Half blood x coreless w/fenrirs gift=half blood
Coreless w fenrir's gift x Coreless with fenrir's gift=half-blood


☽ Golden core : : The Golden Core is the spiritual place in the center of a wolf’s body that stores the powers. Only people, who possesses a Golden Core can cultivate, progressing their abilities. The Golden Core is fragile, and even with the strongest of cultivation it can be broken by the practice of unorthodox cultivation or mixing of the bloodlines.

Alpha x Omega relationships do not require Fenrir's gift.
Alpha x Alpha relationships will need Fenrir's gift.
Alpha x Beta relationships will need Fenrir's gift
Beta x Beta relationships will need fenrir's gift.
Beta x Omega relationships will need fenrir's gift.
Omega x Omega relationships will need fenrir's gift.

Fenrir's gift allows all couples besides Alpha x Omega to merge their cores and create a pup.

The process of merging two cores isn't simple and there's a chance you won't be successful the first time. BUT that's okay!

To find out the qualifications for creating new life, click the link below marked as 'Breeding'