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Channeling abundance through the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

Welcome to Chanel Wellness!
Always in working progress but everywhere we need to be! 🌍

Hi I’m Vanessa Chanel
Intuitive Healing & Wellness Facilitator
Core Intentions: Unconditional Love & Abundance.

Chanel Wellness started through a journey of seeking my own identity of self and the essences of this human life. Since 2018 I’ve been completing inner and outer work to integrate my higher self & better serve my purpose here on earth. I have found through my own self healing that my mission is to empower others to do the same. I believe it’s important to work on the whole self through holistic wellness in order to achieve your goals and live out a full experience. For energy healing, I work with New Paradigm MDT which uses a powerful energy whose core essence is Love without conditions, non-judgment and freedom from fear.

With ChanelWellness you will be guided into healing journeys to higher states of awareness. Guided by intuition and your I Am presence, we will take in account all the areas of yourself and give focus to different parts of you that seek more balance, realizing wholeness or oneness from a deeper awareness and state of being. I am not here to heal you, I am here to help ignite the healer you innately are within. Through intuitive energy and practical work with the chakra system, synchro-destiny, guides and divine masters, better understanding ego, loving, integrating and healing different aspects of the self, becoming aware of what roles are playing out in your now and creating harmony within, you can take the step towards living a more fulfilling life.

For New Paradigm MDT FAQs visit

Let’s take the small steps together to create more harmony within so we can step into wholeness and live out a more fulfilling experience. Swipe left and you will find my
branches of wellness that will assist in discovering your Highest Self!

Love| Light| Purpose|
Vanessa Chanel

Circle of Stillness

Is stillness calling? Maybe just to rest and relax, breathe, be present, release, connect, receive?

Are your beliefs transforming but at the core you feel the same spirit calling you to connect? Are you looking for a place to gather and share without feeling the need to be apart of something specific?

Join us in stillness, in-person or virtually, and allow the energy of spirit be delivered to you as it resonates within.

All are welcome & our time together consists of:
45 mins in stillness
Optional affirmation/mantra to silently recite.
Sound healing of different kinds softly in the background
15-30mins open to allow any words to be shared.

Grab your choice of a mat, blanket, pillow, or chair to sit or lie down. (we have a few to share if needed) There is limited in-person
capacity so please RSVP by DM, call, or text 414-301-1305 to save your seat in the circle.

This is a FREE group weekly event! If you are looking for something one on one contact me, same as above, to schedule a private energy session. Link in bio for services offered.