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In 1980, the Namiya General Store becomes popular with citizens after its owner, Yūji Namiya, accepts people’s advice letters seeking advice for anything troubling them, similar to an agony aunt.

Namiya Zakkaten No Kiseki

The Witch Pt.1: The Subversion

When she was young, Ja-yoon escaped from a government facility, but lost all her memory. 10 years later, when she appears on a nationally televised competition to win money for her family, her life is turned upside down by faces from her past.

The Witch Pt.1


Living idealized suburban lives, super-powered beings Wanda and Vision begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems.



Despite an increasingly hostile world, Ko Dongman and Choi Aera decide not to give up. No matter what others say, together they make their own way to live a happy life.

Fight For My Way


In a mythical land called Arth, the inhabitants of the ancient city of Arthdal contend with power struggles, while some encounter love along the way. Eun-seom goes through hardships to bring his tribe back to life and learns of his true origins in the process.


KINGDOM (Netflix)

Set during Korea's Joseon Dynasty, three years after the Imjin War, the first season of Kingdom follows the story of Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon) and his subordinates, who stumble across an unnatural plague that resurrects the dead amidst his investigation of a brewing political conspiracy and rumors of the King of Joseon's death.

KINGDOM season 1

KINGDOM (Netflix)

Kingdom follows the story of Crown Prince Lee Chang

Kingdom (Season 2)

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PROLOGUE: Gobble me, swallow me, drip down the side of me— hyyhdddaeng

He could use a break, Hoseok thought as he stretched out his long limbs, adjusting his headphones which blasted the track he was working on, and bringing the blanket to cover up his bare legs again.

The room was just cold enough that if he sat under the warmth of the blanket with his lime green shorts on and thin green hoodie, it was the epitome of comfort.

Today was a good day as any to go live. He needed the distraction. Working on music had become mundane since that was all he did, and he needed something to break up the monotony.

With a sigh, he checked the clock and tapped a few keys, looking for some songs to play. Something to give him any inspiration and that’s when he heard a click behind him.

The music on his head phones was loud, but not loud enough to drown out the sound of the door opening and he turned around to see Namjoon standing there, looking a bit like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Uh, hey,” the younger greeted, a sheepish smile on his face and a grin spread across Hoseok’s face.

“Namjoon-ah,” he seemed bemused, “were you trying to surprise me.”

The leaders eyes turned crescent, his head dropping just enough to where Hoseok could see the apples of his cheeks.

“Well, not much of surprise,” Namjoon chuckled and made his way over to the other man.

“What are you working on?” he looked at the computer screen as Hoseok lowered his headphones.

“The new track for the album,” he massaged his shoulders and rolled them as he did.

“Oh,” Namjoon’s eyebrows flew up, “how’s it going?”

“Mmmm,” Hoseok hummed in thought, “It’s...not there,” he said and rolled his shoulders again and felt Namjoon’s big warm hands covering his shoulders and lightly massaging them.

He felt goosebumps prickle over his skin as Namjoon’s thumbs dug a bit into his shoulders.

He could have melted into the touch, if his stomach did not feel a stir of excitement at the other’s fingers brushing up the side of his neck.

It wasn’t often that Namjoon initiated physical contact. It was not that he was a cold person, but rather, he was not as physically affectionate as the other members.

Namjoon was not much for hugging, cuddling or holding hands. As kind as he was, he was not also someone who randomly gave massages.

This usually happened when the other wanted something, and that something had been in the past three times, Hoseok bent over something, muffling his cries, while Namjoon thrust into him from behind.

So Hoseok felt a shiver of anticipation, the familiar stirring in his stomach growing as he thought about the previous time which had been in the bathroom at the dorms. He had not been able to attend practice the next day or look Yoongi in the eye, as he roomed closest to the bathroom, but he thought it was well worth it.

After having to put up with Yoongi’s sexcapades before he settled down with Jungkook, Hoseok thought they were even.

As Namjoon scratched at the back of his head, his fingers massaging into his scalp, and he let out a slight whine, causing the others hands to stop.

“Hoseok?” Namjoon’s voice sounded a bit thin and for a moment, Hoseok panicked.

Because he and Namjoon...they were not a thing.

They were something, but they weren’t something in the way that Yoongi and Jungkook were, and they were certainly not something in the way that Jimin and Taehyung were either, the latter two being practically married.

No, he and Namjoon were something new. Something experimental, found in the long nights of shot after shot, to confessions, to sex in the kitchen, to Seokjin scowling at them and then, a few days later, while they worked out, Hoseok had only asked to be Namjoon’s spotter.

Fifteen minutes in, the weights were discarded and Hoseok was being lifted while the ever growing leader got his work out in inside of him.

Still, they had not spoken about the elephant in the room, and it was not something that Hoseok wanted to do.

It was new and exciting, the sex was great and besides the risk of getting caught and their careers ending...well, it was the most fun he had in a long time.

Still...that did not mean Namjoon felt the same way.

“S-sorry,” he apologized but Namjoon didn’t take his hands away. The tension of the silence that followed made Hoseok laugh a bit as he leaned forward, embarrassment flooding his body. “I should probably finish this track...I’m really stuck...It’s stressing me out,” he laughed to break up the discomfort.

Namjoon was quiet and then he said, his voice a bit tight, “what if I helped get you unstuck?”

“Do you want to listen to it?” Hoseok tipped up his head, looking up at the handsome features of the other man and Namjoon shook his head.

“What I mean is, why don’t I help you...relax,” he suggested and Hoseok stared at him for a moment, his head still raised and then he smirked.

“Namjoon-ah,” he tried to keep his voice teasing, with a hint of being scandalized, “what do you have in mind? Did you bring alcohol?”

“Hoseok,” Namjoon’s voice is a little rougher and heat pools into Hoseok, swirling until he feels the rush of power, seeing the dark storm growing in the other man’s eyes.

“Do you want something, Namjoon-ah? I figured I would go live with ARMY soon...” he pretends he is disinterested but if Namjoon could see below the blanket that covered his lap, he would see he’s anything but.

He feels Namjoon’s hands drop to his shoulders, and the shift in dynamics and he grows more excited.

“You wouldn’t want to go see them like this, would you?”

Though Namjoon does not have a dominating personality. Of the two of them, Hoseok has the more dominant personality, even bossy in bed together. Yet, at times, Namjoon says a word, and Hoseok can feel himself crumbling.

“How do you propose to help me?” Hoseok keeps his eyes on the screen and suddenly Namjoon’s hands lift the headphones, Hoseok thinking he will take them off but instead he places them over his ears.

Confused at first, Hoseok goes to turn to the other man when Namjoon’s voice drops low toward his ear.

“Maybe you can listen while I help you relax.”


His fingers can’t even find the keys to hit play, when Namjoon leans over, clicking play and the music fills his ears, and suddenly he sees the other going to the volume button and turning it up several notches, nearly jolting him out of his seat.

He looks to the other who gives him a thumbs up to see if it’s okay and Hoseok listens to the track. It’s loud, loud enough to drown everything else out, but it’s not painful.

“Okay,” he says but doesn’t know how loud he is and Namjoon smirks and then his hand covers Hoseok’s eyes.

As soon as they are gone, Hoseok’s eyes flutter open again and he’s staring at Namjoon who looks bemused and makes a motion for him to close his eyes.

No seeing.

Hoseok feels himself growing hotter, his shorts getting tighter.

Namjoon goes to cover his eyes again when Hoseok catches his hand and nods and lets his eyes fall closed.

Tense moments pass, his nerves on edge as he feels the other pull away from him completely, until he’s left squirming on the chair and suddenly he feels it, and can’t help but smile.

A feathery light kiss placed against his own lips.

As daring as he seems to be, Namjoon is also shy at times, easing into kisses with the utmost care.

Hoseok does not know if Namjoon wants him to touch but he takes the initiative and grasps the others cheeks with his own and pulls him in to deepen the kiss.

Namjoon’s hands grasp around his wrists and pull his hands away and put them on the arms of the chair, and Hoseok knows he makes a sound but he can’t even hear himself.

He bucks his hips slightly, a whimper he is sure to be embarrassed about tomorrow coming out as Namjoon slides his tongue against his, pinning his wrists down onto the chair.

No touch.

The smaller man sucks on Namjoon’s tongue just as the track restarts and he hears the briefest moan before it’s drowned out again and suddenly, Namjoon pulls away.

Gone again.

It’s only a few seconds but it feels like hours as Hoseok tries to catch his breath, obediently keeping his eyes closed, and waiting for any indication the other man is around when he chokes out a moan.

It’s low in his throat, a warm hand cupping him through the blanket and his shorts. The blanket is then removed, and he shivers as the hand disappears only to return to him, pressing harder against him, making his body shudder.

He bites his lip to hold back a moan as Namjoon scrapes against the tip, pushing down on the wet spot and causing him to jerk his hips up, chasing the hand that is pulled away.

“Namjoon,” he can’t hear himself, but he tries to beg and suddenly the headphones are removed.

“You okay?” The younger’s voice sounds rough, but also concerned. His default mode come into plays Ever the dutiful leader and lover.

”Yes,” Hoseok feels like he can breathe again, his eyes still closed and hands against the chair. “I just...want...”

“What do you want, baby?” Hoseok shivers at being called it. Never would he have imagined he would, but here he is ready to cum in his pants like a teenager because Kim Namjoon calling him baby.

“Just touch me...” he sounded wrecked already.

“Do you want my hand or my mouth?”

Hoseok felt his mouth go dry. Namjoon had never offered to blow him before. He had done it for the other once, but he never expected it. Some guys weren’t as into it as others, which he understood.

But he was not going to look a gift Namjoon in the mouth.

“M...mouth,” he said after a moment and Namjoon did not say anything. For so long, Hoseok almost opened his eyes again when he felt the headphones settle over his ears and the other hand push over his eyes.


It was happening...Nails trailed up his bare legs, almost making him want to close them and then a hand pressed against him again, warm and big and persistent and Hoseok rutted against it, until suddenly another hand was tugging down his shorts, and exposing him the cold air of the room.

He shivered, feeling already wet and sticky, his shorts only half way down his thighs, and hands white knuckling the chair.



Heat flooded into his face as he wondered about what Namjoon was seeing. Both nearly fully clothed with Hoseok on display in lime green shorts, probably already sullied by pre-cum.

“Namj-“ his voice was cut off when warm breath fanned over him and then, a hot wet heat covered him.

The music switched off and then began again, just in time for Hoseok to hear the last of his moan and a slight curse.

He tried to keep his hips still as Namjoon’s tongue swirled around the tip, massaging the vein underneath and he gripped the chair, throwing back his head.


He thanked whoever made it possible for Kim Namjoon to be on his knees blowing him at that very moment, because just like with every thing else the leader did, he did it with the utmost care and attention.

“Oh, shit,” the heat was coiling inside of him, waves of pleasure from Namjoon’s mouth on him, causing his toes to clench, and his hips to stutter. His chest rose and fell as the music grew louder and his hands moved to grip the others head before falling back to the chair again. “F-fuck, I’m-I’m close,” he gasped out, wanting to warn him but Namjoon gave a long suck in response.

Hoseok covered his mouth to keep from shouting which turned out to be a bad idea as the tight warmth disappeared and a hand grabbed his and forced it back to the chair again.

“Okay!” Hoseok did not know nor did he care at that point how loud he was, his body shivering and tears at the edge of his eyes at being denied an orgasm. “Fuck please just let me cum,” he whimpered, the song filling his mind with the repetitive beat that had been driving him mad for days.

He felt kisses along his thighs, ticklish but avoiding where he wanted, and he gave a small thrust and felt warm hands pressing him down.

“Namjoon,” if he could hear himself, his voice was a mix of a whine and a grow and he felt the rumble of Namjoon’s chuckled against his thigh and suddenly he jerked up again as his mouth surrounded him.

It was relentless this time, nearly causing him to pull back, but the other pressed him forward. He moaned brokenly, the song amping up, the heat building inside of him again, coiling and burning, his body strung tight, his mouth dropped open as Namjoon’s tongue slid over the head before sliding all the way down, taking him almost to the back of his throat.

He swallowed, right and Hoseok cried out, his hands flying to Namjoon’s head, to keep him there. The other man didn’t seem to mind as he swallowed again.

That was all Hoseok needed to remove the headphones and open his eyes to see the other man’s perfect lips wrapped around him.

“Oh, fuck, please,” Hoseok’s hand gripped Namjoon’s hair, “can...” his voice was shaky, “can I?”

Namjoon blinked slowly, and Hoseok knew the answer, keeping his thrusts into the other man’s mouth shallow, the slippery sucking noises sinful in comparison to what he was hearing before.

He felt like he was high, chasing a greater high as Namjoon’s teeth scraped along the underside and his hips stuttered, stars in his vision as he released down the younger man’s throat.

He fell slack against the chair, the song still playing loud enough for them both to hear as Namjoon sat back, coughing a bit and it was then Hoseok realized what he had done.

“Fuck, I’m sorr-“ he started forward, “you okay?” He asked, grasping Namjoon’s face and watching his dimpled smile pop out, spit and cum wetting his chin.

It was strange to see that familiar smile in such a setting, but strangely Hoseok still felt comforted by it.

“How was it?” Namjoon asked from his place on the floor and Hoseok laughed, grabbing a tissue and cleaning up the others face.

“Are you kidding? That was amazing!” he leaned down and kissed him, Namjoon leaning up from his spot in front of him, and Hoseok pulled back, “now it’s your turn.”

“Actually, I’m good,” Hoseok blinked and Namjoon chuckled, “I...well, I already...” the man who had been so dominant before turned suddenly shy and Hoseok bit his lip, interest stirring within him again.

“You came just from blowing me?” he asked and Namjoon gave a shy smile, “fuck that’s so hot.”

“Yeah?” Namjoon asked as he stood up and Hoseok nodded, standing up as well and wrapping his arms around the other man’s neck.

And Namjoon kissed him again, his hands moving over his body in familiar ways. Ways that, though they had only done this a handful of times, Hoseok still felt like his body had been mapped out by their years of knowing one another.

They knew each-other well, knew their movements, their expressions, their touches. It was a part of growing up together but it was also the attentive nature of the two.

He wondered how long until the inevitable happened. If they hadn’t been stuck together, would they still be doing a strange dance of unexplored desires.

He pulled away from the kiss, Namjoon chasing him in a cute way. He felt himself laughing, and Namjoon smiling in return.

That was something he liked about the other man, even if he wasn’t particularly physical, he was great with cuddling after which was exactly what Hoseok wanted to do.

Except that he really needed to get this track finished.

“Feel better?” Namjoon’s whisper is loud in the room and Hoseok bites his lip and nods.

“Much, is that all you came for?” he asked, tipping his head to the side and Namjoon shrugged.

“That and to tell you Jiminie wants you to check the group texts.”

Hoseok sighed, “you check the group texts, I’m the only one who answers him.”

Namjoon’s chuckle is warm and familiar and Hoseok feels a new stirring, watching those sparkling eyes and his dimples forming. He kisses him again, to keep himself from smiling.

They really are playing a dangerous game.

“Want to hang out tonight?” Namjoon asks as they pull away, and Hoseok frowns thoughtfully.

“Doesn’t everyone have plans tonight?” he asked and Namjoon shrugs.

“I don’t.”

The elder is about to ask another question when it hits him. A smile erupts on Hoseok’s face and he has to stop himself from laughing, because as much as Namjoon knows it to be a laugh of feeling caught off guard, it’s never good to laugh in someone’s face when being asked out.

“Are you asking me on a date?” he asks and Namjoon rocks on his heels.

“Yeah, I’ve been trying to for awhile, nice of you to finally notice,” the words are a little irritable and a little vulnerable and every kind of hopeful.

“You could have just asked,” Hoseok complains and Namjoon shrugs again. A bad habit.

“Well, I wanted to be gentlemanly about it.”

“Aish, Namjoon-ah,” Hoseok tutts and leans forward, pecking him on the lips, surprising the younger man. “It’s a date,” he winked and Namjoon straightened, his demeanor changing.

He looks like a golden retriever who just received a treat.

“Okay, then I’ll see you later,” and Hoseok finds himself laughing again as he watches him go, feeling a strange sort of giddiness in his heart.

His eyes flash to the clock to check the time and he realizes he still needs to go live.

He looks down at his sweater and shorts and finds them sufficiently free of stains and sets about to cleaning everything else up.

Thirty minutes later he turns the camera on. ARMYs from all over the world would be pouring in to see him.

He feels energized, ready, and more determined than ever to finish the track.

He turns on the song and lets the music fill his ears, the track sounding alive once more and everything goes well until he gets a notification, and he goes to check outside.

“Hey...” it’s Namjoon standing awkwardly at the door.

“What?” Hoseok asks.

“You...” Namjoon looks a little flushed, “Uhm, you didn’t turn down the music after...”

Hoseok goes pale in realization at the news and Namjoon lets out a low hum pretending to check the watch he isn’t wearing.

“Well, gotta go!” with that the coward runs off because he knows this was his doing and all Hoseok can do is laugh to himself, shaking his head as he walks back into the room.

“Ah, shit.”

Namjoon was lucky he was cute.

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