About Me

Me and my Online Business Journey

Hey! I’m Chloe, I’m 21 years old and live in
South Wales. My hobbies are of course; Working online , Coffee , Walking and Spending time with my Partner.

My Network Marketing journey began in September 2019. When I was in thousands of pounds worth debt.
Working 60+ hours a week juggling around 2 jobs as a chef and a Carer. I would do a full 14 hour shift in the kitchen and then go and do a night shift in the Care Home. Which would be so hard , but I needed the money to pay the bills.

So when I seen the opportunity to make money online. I was very sceptical about it. Was it a scam? Was I actually going to earn money? Are they real products? Everything your thinking. I was thinking the exact same.

Since I started I have paid off over 4K in debt. Bought our first home. Quit my job kitchen job in February 2020. I now earn a full-time income from my phone, whilst still being able to do normal day to day things.

I am lucky enough to spend my days helping, coaching and Mentoring like minded men and women to become successful, like me in the Network Marketing Industry.

I love that I can help men and women unlock their full potential, show their skills that they don’t normally do in a normal 9-5 job.
We are a community of Men and Women who are looking to make a difference. Having fun and earning online .


About The Company


Okay so what is my Company?

I work for a Network Marketing company. Network Marketing basically in simple terms is; Earning an income online .

Social selling and recruitment. Sounds confusing but once you get into it you will understand everything.

I work for an American global, drop-shipping Company which was founded in April 2021 .
We have 4 ranges of products , which include; Skincare , Hemp/CBD , weightloss and Health and Wellness.

They are a debt free company and most certainly up and coming in the market space . They focus on natural , holistic and vegan ranges whilst accommodating many niche markets .

They offer a lucrative payment plan and competitive prices for your customer bases and clientele.

So who owns this American Company?

Jerry & Kim booth are the owners . Unlike most companies we encourage you to Google and do your due diligence as these guys are known globally with incredible track records .

From being owners of Google, to million dollar listings , to now owning the lux group in the Bahamas and now also now known for being on the council for FORBES .
They are the most honest and transparent CEO’s you will ever meet .

We also have on board members including the ex CFO of Disney, former VP of fox sports and holistic DRS!

This speaks volumes and we haven’t even reached the surface yet.


I make the most of every opportunity and dare to take risks . I believe in myself and the ability to create wealth.


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You can deposit £1+ . Deposit whatever you feel comfortable in doing. But don’t leave yourself short !

Making 3 or 4 figures 🤪