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Earth of My Body • Body of the Earth

Earth Of My Body, Body of My Earth is a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) earth-based, body-centered healing space you won’t find anywhere else.

We reach back to grounded ancient wisdom to create innovative sensual experiences where our ancestral aches can finally rest and heal for the possibility of a new future. There’s definitely time-bending involved!

This space is lovingly, fiercely held by community-based healers Dr.Jeevan Singh (she/her, they/them) and Kirin Bhatti (she/her/they/them), in partnership with the earth elders, and a community of BIPOC healers and guides.

Join our community, attend our healing circles, support the work. Whatever you decide to do, we are so happy you’re here on this beautiful ride with us. Together we get to remember and nourish the power that no system ever has or will take away. That sounds like justice to us!

With much love,
Jeevan and Kirin

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Water the growth of innovative earth-based BIPOC healing

We love what we do at Earth Of My Body and we are wicked awesome at it too. We are constantly told how unique and transformative our work is, we feel that too.

And it takes a lot of loving time, energy, and resources to sustain the integrity and transformation of our offerings, while keeping them accessible and feeling resourced as keepers of this special work.

If you are in support of justice for BIPOC communities, we invite your generous contributions to Earth Of My Body. We know justice without access to quality healing is justice without roots. Your contributions allow us to continue to offer cutting edge, thoughtful healing that supports a lasting, rooted vision of justice.

Join us. It will feel awesome!