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your go-to highlight and hair extension gal

Welcome to my little slice of the internet! ✨

Hi, I’m Em! I have been creating beautiful blondes and luscious locks in the Atlanta area since 2013. I especially love low maintenance, natural, and dimensional looks! My true passion is to help women fall in love with themselves again through the crown they wear on their head.

I strive to bring the latest and greatest solutions to all of my clients and am constantly searching for ways to make your life easier! We should love our hair and have a great relationship with it. Allowing women to radiate their inner beauty by helping them express themselves is my favorite part of what I do. My philosophy is simple: the relationship between hairdresser and client is like none other; I use this to create a positive and inspiring environment while creating custom color for each guest to give them their own personal, wearable work of art.


revolutionized, self-applied, damage free extensions

Made of 100% Remy human hair, HaloCouture offers two different versions to best cater to all hair types, over 40 different color options, and offer a more affordable, low maintenance approach to extensions.

I love self- applied extensions, because you can still shower and sleep normally without any lifestyle change, you can choose when and where to wear your extensions, and since they’re not in 24/7, the longevity of your extensions typically last longer with the proper care.


Q. How will my halo fit without clips or being attached to the head?
A. I was most curious about this too when I first discovered HaloCouture. Your halo is custom fit and sits on your head like a halo (see why the name?) The wire sits 1-3” back from the hairline and the back sits above the lower back bone of the head, so it has a nice place to lay on all day. This results in comfortable yet secure wear. When applied correctly, you won’t even be able to feel it move throughout the day! At your Halo Fitting appointment, I will thoroughly walk you through the process.

Q. Are these heat safe?
A. Yes! HaloCouture are made of 100% Remy human hair. They hold a style incredibly well.

Q. Can I swim or sleep in them?
A. Since your halo is a simple and quick self applied extension, it’s not recommended to sleep or swim in. Not doing so also helps prolong the life and quality of your extensions!

Q. How long will they last?
A. With proper care, your halo can last up to 1-2 years depending on how often you wear it!

Q. How much do they cost?
A. Depending on the look you’re going for, the hair itself can range anywhere between $320-780. This does not include any custom coloring, your custom fitting appointment, tax, expedited shipping, or future maintenance appointments. Fill out my HALO inquiry form below and I will reach out to answer any specific questions you may have!