Erin Nicole Yoga now Erin Nicole Home & Co.

Owner & Yoga Instructor, Erin De Mille, established Erin Nicole Yoga in 2016. She specializes in corporate wellness, as well as offers private/small group Yoga classes. In 2021, Erin expanded her business with the launch of Erin Nicole Home & Co. an inspired collective that brings the spirit of intentionality beyond your yoga mat and into your home.

Since our launch in 2016, Erin Nicole Yoga continues to thoughtfully shape the modern Yoga landscape and inspire students daily. We are excited to embark on a new journey as we continue to grow and expand our services and offerings through Erin Nicole Home & Co.

Corporate Yoga

Contact us to bring Yoga to your office! Wellness programs are entirely tax deductible and they offer a host of benefits to employees and employers.

We offer in-person guidance as well as customized online yoga classes.

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Visit our website... Learn more about our unique approach, book online, read testimonials and more!

Freelance Marketing + Consulting

Hi! I’m Erin, a freelance marketer and consultant – I help small businesses like yours grow! I help you discover your brand voice and develop a unique thumbprint in your niche market. I specialize in: social media management, content creation/curation, and web design projects for small businesses and entrepreneurs. My abundance of knowledge and diverse career experience, help me effectively actualize your business dreams. I aim to understand your business holistically, as a client, business owner and customer- this method allows me to utilize insightful perspective to effectively market your business.

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▫️Skincare by Di | Social Media Management (Instagram Launch)
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Erin is a dynamic professional and passionate entrepreneur who breathes intention into every action. Erin started her career on the client side, where she led in-house marketing, for an aviation company. Later, she transitioned to work for boutique marketing agencies in Orange County, CA. There, she worked in account management, digital marketing, and later agency operations management. In 2016, she put her brand building skills to practice with a thoughtful transition into entrepreneurship/business ownership and continues to serve businesses as a freelance marketer + consultant.

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