Meet Eva: A little curious about me?

I’m your heater to skip those uncomfy icebreakers

It’s hard to be bored when you are with me, need I say more? I’m curious by nature and will genuinely want to know what makes you tick and make your fantasies a reality. I enjoy the dichotomy of thriving in both the simplest environments to the most extravagant. The bottom line is I aim to please and figure out what that definition is for you to make the most value out of our time together.


Please contact for booking requests and screening info

A perfect beginning cheers 🥂

It all begins with a laugh, a touch and shared stories

The adventure continues

Let’s see a movie or enjoy dinner then save dessert for later

Waking up next to you

An exciting date night to breakfast in bed?

An all day experience

Enough time to fully get to know each other

2+ day & travel to you rates

Bespoke pricing

Hourly rates start at $800

I require a 20% deposit for all standard appointments in my local area. If you’re not local but within 3 hours of me, a 30% deposit is required. If FMTY engagement, a 50% deposit is required plus 100% of the travel expenses prepaid.

Submit deposit

Submit either 20 or 30% deposit via cashapp $EvaVonBustee.

Contact for booking requests

Well, screening and deposits are non negotiable and required to see me.

Required please email the following information to my secured email . Remember to keep your message safe for work/ completely appropriate, or I will not have visibility to it.

Legal Name

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When are you hoping to meet?

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How long are you hoping to meet?

Verification method

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A bit about yourself

What do you think is important for me to know about you and our upcoming date