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I think we can all agree that an active lifestyle comes with many health benefits, all of which have a tendancy to improve your chances of remaining alive for longer. But there is a bit of a problem in what we as a society consider an active lifestyle, sure exercise is a useful tool in the box of overall wellbeing but is it really enough to workout for an hour at a time, 5 days a week? What about the other 163 hours?

Does this sound familiar, wake up and drag yourself into the kitchen to make a delicious morning beverage, have a sit down and watch tv or check your notifications, jump in the car or perhaps onto the bus and head into work, spend most of the day sat down or doing the same repetitive movements, sit down and have lunch, work through until home time, sit down all the way home be it in a car or on a train, do some sort of workout for maybe an hour, make dinner, sit down for the evening and go to bed.

You can see that there is lots of sitting involved, and while sitting is public enemy number one right now its not actually that bad. The members of the Hadza tribe, one of the last few hunter gatherer tribes left in the world tend to also sit for hours a day, but yet these are considered some of the healthiest people on the planet so what gives?

Well while they may sit down plenty throughout the day, their sitting is being constantly interrupted by the duties a hunter gatherer lifestyle brings, those being hunting, gathering, stoking the fire, tending to children, walking to find water, and many other various tasks around camp. Remember that as far evolved we think that we are in our skyscrapers with our netflix and next day delivery, these hunter gatherer ancestral roots are well and truly embedded in our D.N.A.

The human animal evolved over many hundreds of thousands of years to be a nomadic animal, to follow the food sources, to move with the seasons, it's only in the last 10,000 years that we have transitioned into a more settled way of life with the introduction of farming, and only the last few hundred has that type of settled life still with lots in the way of daily physical activity become one of idleness. Now we barely have to move at all to get what we need, groceries can be delivered to your door, more and more companies are allowing staff to work remotely from home, which is brilliant, but also comes with some downsides, now the daily commute which offered something in the way of movement has become a trip to the laptop in your pants. Social media can do wonderful things in order to help people connect, yet most people report feeling lonelier than ever, no longer do we meet up with friends , now we can just whatsapp them to get that dopamine fix, or perhaps go crazy and video call.

We live on the cusp of the deterioration of the Natural Human as we know it, anyone who has seen Disney's Wall-E will know that the future portrayed in that tear jerking film is one we are willingly hurtling towards, where planet earth is fucked beyond repair and humans exist in futuristic lay-z-boys that do everything for us and we have forgotten how to even walk.

Yes exercise is great, but it is not a cure all for a life of inactivity, interspersed movement is far more important for longevity. By that we mean just simply getting up from your desk every hour or so and moving around, changing sitting positions frequently throughout  the day, sitting on the floor, getting outside more often and into the wilderness where nature will encourage you to move in the ways you evolved to do so.

If you have read this far without moving then I encourage you to change position, to get up and move around, drop into a squat or do a few lunges, roll a tennis ball from foot to foot while you watch tv, go climb a tree or lie down in the grass, dance because movement is life not because you do or don't have any rhythm , your Natural human rhythm is embedded in your soul and it wants you to move like a wild animal, because skyscraper or not you are still a wild animal at heart, so walk, run, jump, climb, crawl, lift, carry, throw, catch, swim, play, explore what your body can do. Get out of your comfort zone from time to time, leave the cage behind and move freely independently or rules or exercise regulations, go forth and fidget my friend.


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Is broke won't fix it

This will not fix your problems;

No seriously it wont, but do feel free to continue reading. I think that's the problem with the self help/ improvement industry, it's full of dodgy sales people claiming to be able to fix your issues in a few simple steps for the reasonable sum of everything you have, but also full of people who think that their life’s problems could be “fixed” in just a few simple steps. Allow me to throw a spear through the bubble of delusion and watch it spectacularly go POP!

If you feel like your life is a big bag of shit right now but you don't actually have any serious mental health issues like, depression or anxiety then sure, a book or course that has some easy to follow guides like eating well, exercising regularly, writing down your thoughts and feelings, beginning to meditate etc will absolutely have some benefit for you as long as you actually do the things it tells you to do. 

But lets not get it twisted and pretend that all these blogs and books have all the answers ( yes including the ones we write and sell) and that the therapists and psychologists can all hang up their boots because Bob from accounting took a seminar on how to make your life  less  shit and now runs a blog about how his life is now 1000% less shit, and your shitty life could be too, for a nominal fee of course. Cheers Bob Ill just chuck you a few quid and thats depression gone eh? Sweet deal.

I suppose this is a bit strange for me to write, being a personal trainer/ life coach of sorts, isn't it my job to fix people's problems with some simple to follow strategies? Well no actually it's not. I did learn early into my career as a PT however that weather i wanted to or not my clients would treat me as a friendly therapist, one whom they could confide all their deepest problems and expected  me  to come up with solutions to on the fucking spot. “Do you think i should quit my job/ leave my partner/sell my house?” fuck I dont know arent we here to do some squats? I think you may be confusing the letters PT in my professional title for “Psychological Therapist” . They stand for Personal Trainer, remember? As in I'm going to train you on a personal level so you can maximize your fitness etc.

Ok so if that's how i actually interacted with my clients they probably wouldn't stick around for long, for any budding PT’s out there please be aware that you need to empathise with  your clients and make them feel welcomed and relaxed, its best not to jude and ridicule. Unfortunately over the years have have witnessed many a person who is really into fitness, they are ripped and swole, they eat salads and gulp shakes so they think lets make some money from this, only to find that their lack of people skills leaves their ego deflated and their bank balance has less fat on it than their abs do. Nobody wants your bullshit!

When someone engages my professional services then i do my all to ensure we work together to create a lifestyle that enhances their well being, it is not however my job to give out therapy sessions that i am in no way qualified to give, often when a client tries to bring up these emotive topics i do my best to ensure I handle it in a  friendly and professional manner and encourage them to seek other avenues of professional advice (whilst internally screaming  “ i need a more adultier adult” of course).

Ah that word “friendly” yes I am friendly but I have actually said to many clients, albeit with my tongue in cheek boyish charm demeanor that “I'm not here to be your friend” at best i'm a paid for acquaintance, we make jokes and gossip, we have some fun while we train and ive met your dog but make no mistake i'm not planning my next holiday with you, not because i don't like you but because it's highly unprofessional and a little creepy to be honest. If i wanted to be friends with any of my clients then i would stop being their trainer, because the truth is when they think they are my friend they believe they can get away with shit and i won't call them up on it, didn't do the training plan i sent you that i've explained to you 3 times? No worries lets pop open a bottle of wine and talk about our feelings, then when you don't reach your health related goals ill just give you all your money back  if that's how i acted then i'd be a really shit trainer….and friend really.

So to sum up whatever the hell this journey was, don't expect a self help guru or personal trainer to accomplish in a few short sessions what psychiatrists spend their lives mastering,that being how to unfuck your brain. 

If however you've hit a slump and need a life boost im ya guy, but be warned a lot of what i'm preaching isn't fancy or extreme, its mastering the basics, like eating good foods, drinking lots of water, doing plenty of basic exercise and getting in lots of daily movement, learning to be mindful and picking up good healthy habits. That will be £50 please.

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