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Post This, Not That

“People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. And what you do simply proves what you BELIEVE.”
-Simon Sinek

Sell what you love and let your market see you! They want to know how and why you use the products.

Post This

Show what eyeshadow palette was used to complete a look.

Not This

Post this with the above photo or in the comments, but it should never be posted alone!

Post This

Show off your glowing skin and be proud of how it looks! Show what products you use.

Not This

1. Facebook and Instagram will pick this up as spam and your post will not be seen.
2. Your network will view it as an ad and scroll on past.
3. You want to make sure you are adding value and being authentic.

Post This

Laurel shows how your face transforms with LimeLife! She radiates confidence and shares why she loves the products.

Not This

Although this is full of great information, you want to add value for your customers. This could be shared privately or in the comments for a customer who is asking.

No Product, No Problem

Want to make a post before you have your kit?

Use a template and insert your picture to add more value to the post. Here are a few for you to use!

Get Active on Social Media

Set a timer before you jump into these tasks and devote that time! (10, 20, 30, 60 minutes, whatever works for you!)

Coaching Calls

Schedule coaching calls with your leader!

Templates for Mapping Promotions

Lead Beauty Guide

Star Beauty Guide


Lead Director

Star Director

Senior Director

Lead Platinum Director

Star Platinum Director

Senior Platinum Director

Compensation & Getting Paid

All things MONEY!

Career At a Glance

Fast Start

Personal Commissions

Compensation 101

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Getting Paid

Register for Paylution

YouTube Videos

Here you will find helpful videos from makeup to the business side of LimeLife.

Understanding the US Comp Plan

Why Joining LimeLife Changed My Life

Color Matching Foundation

How To Apply LimeLife Foundation

Shelby Johnston’s Favorite Brushes

Concealer for Aging Eyes

Sanitizing Your Makeup Tools

Choosing Eyeshadows with Danessa Myricks

Eyeshadows for Green Eyes

Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes

Eyeshadows for Hazel Eyes

Eyeshadows for Blue Eyes

Color Matching 101

Color matching is the crucial first step upon selecting other makeup products for clients. Below you’ll find videos and other guides to help.


Finding your regimen.

Have An Issue?

We Care & Chain of Command

Where to go when you have an issue or need a question answered.

Corporate Customer Service - We Care

Contact customer service with order or Greenroom issues.