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Are Morning routines important?

How to start your day

The morning routine helps us set the tone for the day, better allowing us to control our schedules rather than our schedule controlling us. As we start each day fresh, we can better focus on what is in front of us, where to prioritize our time, and, ultimately, increase our productivity.

Easy Morning Rituals

1. Never waste time checking your phone before getting out of bed

2. Pray or meditate

3. Journal your thoughts and tasks in hand

4. Make your bed

5. Choose your outfit the night before and makes sure you got everything you need in your handbag

6. Shower

7. Skin care routine

8. Eat a healthy breakfast

9. Read

10. Believe in yourself!


Meditating uses a technique such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. This is important to do before your day starts

Healthy Breakfast

Apart from providing us with energy, breakfast foods are good sources of important nutrients such as calcium, iron and B vitamins as well as protein and fibre. The body needs these essential nutrients and research shows that if these are missed at breakfast, they are less likely to be compensated for later in the day


Helps achieve goals
Writing down your goals and reviewing what you've written daily, helps remind you what's important and what you must do to achieve those goals. Furthermore, the written reminder prompts action and keeps you focused.

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Stay tuned on the next article about being Natural, whats a natural nazi? Are you one? And tips to maintain healthy hair

"Being Natural is my attitude " - chitala sreeja


Are you a Nazi Natural?

Naturalosity is used to decribe a Lifetsyle of a person of African descendent or their hair is in it's unaltered state by jot putting chemicals(relaxers, perms, texturizers, dye) or heat applications like (hot combs, flat irons, curling) or in their hair to change texture and color of their hair.

African descendents describe their hair as kinky , coily and curly. Nappy hair is tightly/curled unaltered and coiled hair in its natural state.

Nazi naturals are usually black females with natural hair ( that has not been relaxed) who believe it's their responsibility to harass and scold other black women sho choose to still relax their , these women are ofen condescending and highly judgemental.

Do you identify as a Nazi natural?

How natural hair defies society standards

This article traces back to the Natural hair movement and back to the representation of black hair that dates back to the slave era.

The origin of the word "Nappy" is used to describe the texture of African natural hair. This goes back to the dynamic power of the master's hair and the slaves because caucasian hair is generally straight.

Wearing natural hair in south africa is both a personal and political act despite the fact that black and coloured women remain segregated due to the legacy of Apartheid, they still participate in Natural movements together.

Click on link to read Naturally Curly's article about whats its like to have Kinky coily hair, facing discrimination and getting insults for wearing your own natural hair and also finding out that most African Natural hair influencers are caucasians!

History of black natural hair

Hairstyles are constantly evolving as a girl grows into a woman, as fashion changes, as the seasons change but its deeper than that. You will find culture be it traditional, popular or political, holds greater power than aesthetics.

During the grooming process, hairtsyles took hours if not days to create and women used this time to build meaningfull bonds with each other.

The history of hair dates to ancient Egypt in the form of artefacts.

In 1444- The first documented slaves were kidnapped and traded to Europe. The white settlers had stripped them off their dignity by cutting their hair however in 1500s africans who were not captured continued to groom their hair.
Africans used grooming of hair to identity social status, age, wealth, ethnicity,maritial status,fertility,religion and death.

With no means to groom hair, the slaves arrived with matted hair and as a result had to cut it.

Click on link to find out more as the years passed and how "iduku" ( head wraps) were introduced which today are popular and used for bad hair day or cover hair.
Find the importance of Natural hair and power it brings to people of color.

What's your hair type?

This is a question that will dictate you styling routine.. you dont know your type? Dont worry I'm here to help you.

To discover your natural texture its important to firstly wash your hair and examine hair strands. Do this facing the mirror. Dont use styling products as yet. There's a possibility you might find two or more hair type in your hair.

There are 4 hair types

1. Type1- stright hair
•usually oily , greasy and difficult to style

2. Type 2- Wavy hair
• medium between straight and curly hair

3. Type 3- Curly hair
•Coily , curly spirals

Type 4- Coily hair
• kinkiest, coarsest and dry hair - difficulty to moisture scalp and tends to shrink

Click on link to get more insights on hair types as well as recommendations on hair products to use or just an idea of products suitable for your hair type

Natural 4c hair care tips

This type is the tightest curls of all hair types. They can have different hair porosities and densities

These are some of 4c qualities:

1. Dries out quickly or struggles to ?
2. Can experience 75% shrinkag
3. Hair prone to tangles and matting if not properly looked after
4. Hair is fragile and prone to breakage

Tips to maintain healthy hair:
♡ Moisturize your hair
☆oils like Coconut oils and Shea Butter creams are effective at sealing moisture

♡Shampoo mindfully
☆lengthen your washes 2, 3 or 4 times in week to regularly keep your scalp clean. Avoid shampoos with sulfates.
☆If your get more dirty often alternate with cowash or rinse with Apple cider vinger

☆detangle regularly with a fine-toothed comb on damp hair (Dont Use brush or use fingers as well

♡Deep Conditions
☆ do this every 2 weeks, this will shiny, bouncy and will prevent tangles

♡ Avoid overstyling
☆avoid overt touching and styling your hair as this dries hair and leads to breakage. Explore styles that require less styling products.

♡Style with shrinkage in mind
☆Explore heat free hairstyles that stretch your hair because shrinkage is just as frustrating because it keeps you from seeing growing. See style:
☆bantu knots
☆Twist outs


How has it impacted on women in the modern times?

Feminism shows how social power shapes the way we know and how the way we know shapes social power in terms of the social inequality between women and men. In broadest terms, it explores the significance gender hierarchy has for the relation between knowledge
and politics.

In other words, it engages sexual politics on the level of

Woman had passed through many problems, obstacles and barriers to become
important member in the society. Previously, woman did not have any kinds of rights,
she was isolated, neglected and mistreated by man.

By the coming of Feminism, the
profile and the image woman have changed completely and from being a poppet in the
hands of man she becomes a queen, president, artist and teacher.

This dissertation examines the wishes, dreams and the ability of woman to change her
position in the society not just as being a daughter, wife or a mother but rather as
normal citizen with regular rights and duties.

This research produces a number of key
findings: recent research and statistics that confirm a significant development of
woman participation in different fields such as economic growth, cultural upheavals in
addition to the political and social structures.

Types of feminism

The term „Feminism‟ has a long history; it represents women‟s problems and
suffering in addition to their dreams in equal opportunities in societies controlled by
man i.e. his power, rules, wishes and orders. Lara Huda Faris added also: “…women
have traditionally been dehumanized by a male dominated society, which they call
patriarchy; and that has been always better to be a man…”

The term feminism has a history in English linked with women's activism from
the late 19th century to the present, it is useful to distinguish feminist ideas or beliefs
from feminist political movements, for even in periods where there has been no significant political activism around women's subordination, individuals have been
concerned with and theorized about justice for women.

1. Liberal feminism:
Liberal feminism is a particular approach to achieving equality between men
and women. It emphasizes on the power of an individual Person to alter discriminatory
practices against women. It is considered as the most important kinds of feminism,
which works within the structure of society to integrate women into it. Its roots
stretch back to the social contract theory of government instituted by the American

2.Radical feminism:
Radical feminism is a movement that believes sexism is so deeply rooted in
society that the only cure is to eliminate the concept of gender. It started to emerge in
the late 1960s by the famous leaders T. Grace Atkinson and Shulamith Firestone. It
denies the liberal claim that the lack of political or civil rights causes women's
It is a perspective within feminism that focuses on the hypothesis of patriarchy
as a system of power that organizes society into a complex of relationships based on
the assertion that male supremacy oppresses women. Radical feminism aims to
challenge and overthrow patriarchy by opposing standard gender roles and oppression
of women and calls for a radical reordering of society. The reason this group gets the
radical label is that they view the oppression of women as the most fundamental form of man‟s domination, one that cuts across boundaries of race, culture, and economic
class. In fact, this is a movement intent on social change, change of rather
revolutionary proportions

3. Socialist feminism:
Socialist feminism also known as Marxist feminism or Materialist feminism is
an important movement of feminism. It calls for an end to capitalism through a
socialist reformation of economy. Socialist feminists view gender inequalities as
intrinsic to the capitalist system, which makes vast profits off women's unpaid labor in
the home and underpaid labor in the workforce.
Socialist feminism argues that capitalism strengthens and supports the sexist
status because men are the ones who currently have power and money.


Women in Society

The role of Women is important in our society in which man is still
dominating and playing the most important roles. In the last few years, Women
position in society has been greatly overseen in comparison to their profile in the
past; when they were seen just as housewives and their only role is taking care of
children and obeying man orders. Moreover, they were not allowed to do any kinds
of jobs out their homes like voting, studying or writing.
A Century before, women started to think about the importance of their roles
in society. In all over the world and by all the means, women wanted to change their
situation or traditional place in the society this lead to series of strikes marches that
aimed to prove their equality to men. During the first and second world war, woman participation in the society emerged because she replaced man who went to the war
inside and outside the house. In addition, she worked double shift to earn more
money for helping her family

Why women need education

Women were kept away from learning and education because knowledge
would make them question the obligatory power of the conventions and beliefs,
which held them in their place; and it, would show them how to achieve their
freedom, and might even encourage them to assume leadership. Therefore, Feminist
researchers and writers emphasize on the importance of education in woman‟s life
like Marry Wollstonecraft who paved the way to other Feminists to look for equal
opportunities for both girls and boys in learning.

In all over the world governments started to realize the importance and
the necessity of educating females not only for her benefits but also for the
development of society in all the domains. They started to encourage parents to let
their children especially girls to study to decrease the level of literacy. Recently, the
African countries started to help children to inter the school especially children from
the rural areas. In sub-Saharan Africa in 2005, the World Bank found that 83.6 girls
for every 100 boys were enrolled in primary schools.
Primary school enrollment figures do not tell the whole story because the
gender gap in higher levels is more dramatic where there is more boys than girls,
which results the lack of leadership capacities.

Catherine Beecher was among the famous feminists who were asking for the
education of woman. She added to her work in schools a general propaganda for
woman's education, and she devised large plans for its development. In 1852, she
organized the American Woman's Educational Association to help American women
to have education, honorable position, and remunerative employment. She was able
to affect the opinions American girls and raising their awareness in the importance of
Finally, Education should be considered as important as voting and working
and should be in the priority of all the governments because teaching fits them to be
good mothers and helpful citizens. By improving the educational capacities of
women, they would be able to form the characters of girls and boys; and by building
their personalities, they are building better societies.

Women and Economics

In her book “Women and Economics”, Charlotte Perkins Gilman mentioned
that humans are the only species in which the female has to depend on the male for
survival this why she was asking women change their cultural identities and to be
independent. In addition, women who sacrifice to be nurturers and educators will
produce better children. Gilman believes that others can assist with these tasks or
even do them more effectively. She was one of the first to propose the
professionalization of housework, encouraging women to hire housekeepers and
cooks to release them from housework. This would allow women to participate in
the workforce and lead a more worldly life. Gilman believed that women could
desire home and family life, but should not have to retain complete responsibility of
these areas and she stated that these changes would eventually result in better
motherhood and fatherhood, better babyhood and childhood, better food, better
homes, better society.19

Woman participation in the workforce was uncompleted since she was
under unfair rules in which there was always priority for man. During the 19th
century, women used to work 12hours a day with a very low salary whereas men
worked only 6 hours. As a result, feminists refused this segregation and started to
ask for more equality in working conditions by forming organizations and
Institutions for woman workers

Europe for example, Governments gave women more space
in which they required a minimum representation of 40%. The first one who adopted
this policy was Norway with 25% in 2004 to 36% in 2006 and 42% in 200920
In 2007, Spanish government wanted to reach a minimum quota of 40%
by forcing Companies to use more employees and encourage equal opportunities for
both gender. In 2000, Denmark required states companies to have balance
participation of men and women and to have at least 35% of women members.
However, only 18% of women were employed.
Despite all the laws used by the different governments to bring change in
the representation of woman in the work force but not all the countries rise the
quotas genders.

Women and Health

The importance of health can be in
the first range. Feminism from the beginning was calling for the importance of taking care of woman not just by giving her jobs or letting her vote but also by giving her health a priority since she has the most sensitive and fragile body structure in addition the pregnancy and other mother activities
In order to give cost-effective and high-quality health care, governments need to adopt a gender point of view based on the physical differences of men and women but also other social and cultural factors.

The costs of preventing and treating disease
and ill health in men and women differ over their lifetimes. Gender-specific diseases and reproduction needs should be in the top of health care policy in all over the

According to the World Health Organization Health (WHO) the biological, social and environmental factors interact and affect the health of women and men.
There is insufficient knowledge of the
prevalence and incidence of
physical and psychological risk factors related to women‟s work patterns in combining two jobs and being generally underpaid.

Women are more interested in health more than men are.
Usually we find that feminists are always calling for the importance of creating now and helpful methods for health not only for woman or children but also for all members of society

Why women need to be in politics

When speaking about woman representation in the political fields one can say
that it improving in comparison with the last years. Woman now is occupying all the
domains and all the positions especially in politics. She is now a president, minister,
diplomatic and parliament member. Although 40 to 50% of party members are
women, they hold only about 10% of the leadership positions within those parties.
Ensuring women‟s equal participation in the decision-making structures of parties is
essential for promoting gender equality within them. This why nowadays many
international organizations like Woman Rights Organization, United Nations
Development Programmers (UNDP) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in
additions to many national and local institutions in all the world are trying to give
woman opportunities to show her abilities to effect and change the political fields
When speaking about woman‟s role and position in any country we will find
that woman is always in the second position after man. Decades before, woman was
not allowed to participate in any social, political and religious ceremonies in her
society and she was under the total control of man (as father, husband and brother).
In all the means, woman was just a servant in the house; her only job was only to
clean, cook and arise children

Why do we need women in politics?

According to the same study done by IPU, female parliamentarians gave
priority to issues like childcare, equal payment and mother issues in addition to
topics like violence, poverty and raping. In places such as Rwanda and South Africa,
an increase in the number of female lawmakers led to legislation related to land
inheritance and reproductive rights. In France and some European countries, women
are more involved in topics like human rights and more importantly in women‟s
social, political and economical rights. As more women reach leadership positions within their political parties, these parties tend to prioritize issues that influence health, education and other
quality of life issues.

In relation to that and according to a research made by the Organization for
Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 19 member countries they
found that there is an increase in the number of women legislators results in an
increase in total educational spending. In addition to that, this study showed that
many countries like India, South Africa and other European countries who gave
woman more political positions noticed a huge development in education, health and

According to President of Chile Michelle Bachelet: “When one woman is a
leader, it changes her. When more women are Leaders, it changes politics and
policies. ” Many Feminists, researchers and Human rights leaders already presented
what the president of Chile has said. All of them agreed by giving woman the floor
to vote, work and to become a leader this would affect the society positively.
Woman Leaders usually work for the benefit of the society rather than working for their own benefit.

Black and muslim feminism

1. Black feminism

Obviously, when speaking about women rights, equality and suffering we can
automatically refer our explanation to Black Women Segregation. Although feminism
claimed in its symbols and goals to the equality of all women from every ethnic and
social belonging, it did not give importance to the problems of Black females. In
practice, feminism concentrated on the needs of middle class white women in Britain
and America while posing as the movement for the emancipation of women globally.
Patricia Collins as one of the Famous black Feminists considered that feminism did not
bring any rights to the black woman at all. Moreover, the Black woman was separated
from participating in any social, economical or political activities done by feminist
Organizations, which were controlled at that time with white woman.

Black women started to revolt against this unfair classification and make them create
another variant of feminism called “Womanism”, a term coined by Alice Walker in one
of her great collection of essays. It was titled as “In Search Of Our Mothers‟ Gardens:
Womanist Prose” (1983). Thus, Womanism established a new space for the Black
female literary experience to express their wishes and dreams. Womenism was not able to give its
fruits in practical way and black women were not able to make this hypothesis became
a theory.

2. Muslim

Muslims believe that justice and equality are intrinsic values and cardinal
principles in Islam. Human beings are equal whether they are black or white, man or
women. This idea of equality between sexes emerged in Muslim societies by the
coming of Islam centuries before, but a Muslim extremist were always trying to
remove the right given by God to women and makes her a servant or less. By the end
of the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century people started to think differently
by forming new ideologies, organization and departments of women, most of the time
called “Islamic feminism” or “Arab Feminism”

Every aspect of life presented already in the Quran whereas some political rules
in the Arabic-Islamic countries were sometimes with women and other times against
her. Early in the 20th century, feminists from different parts of the world made efforts
to join hands in international meetings and conferences to strengthen the role of women at home and abroad. Islamic feminists were including in those meetings to show the
real image of Muslim women as a mother, wife, teacher, doctor and parliament
The Islamic Feminism is one of the most powerful movements of feminism in
the world; they have approximately the same goals of the western countries but still
with differences. The leaders of this activity are mostly an elite educated, cultivated
group of women from different countries of the Arab and Muslim world.

Lale Akgün is also one of the famous woman‟s rights leaders in the Muslim
community. She emphasized on the importance of social relations; Family life, trade,
penal law and of course gender equality are covered by that .By the help of other
Muslim Feminists like Prof. Irshad Manji, Dr. Alia Hogben and Zainab Al-Suwaij they
were able to move the Muslim Woman image to another level by deleting her
negative stereotypical image.

Woman in the past was living unequal and unfair life. She was prevented from
doing any political, social and economical activities and her only job is being a
housewife who takes care of home and children. At that time, woman was under the
control of man who dominates all the fields in which he represents the symbol of
By the coming of Feminism, woman was able take back her rights in addition to
changing her negative image. Feminism proves that woman is capable to play
important roles the same as man. Moreover, the most important goals of Feminism
were giving woman her total freedom in addition to equal opportunities in the
representation of the political and social events.

Key benefits to why Men need morning routines too

Successful habits you wish you knew

Alot of people have misunderstood the whole concepts of Morning routine or any routines at all. The concept is seen as feminen.

Are Routines important?

Routines help us set the tone for the day, allowing you to control your schedules than it being the opposite- schedules controlling you!.

You start each day fresh and project on what's in front of you, prioritize times and increase productivity- the ultimate goal

Here's tips to do all that

Get enough Sleep

Minimize sleeping at late our hour and opt for sleeping at a reasonable time so you can wake up at 5AM.

5AM? Yes, this will be the most difficult time in the routine. You probably wondering how you going to do that. The first
.□ Firstly choose the reasonable time to sleep. Sleeping late and getting 4 or 5 hours sleep will get you agitate when you should wake up every morning feeling inspired and well rested.
□Getting enough sleep is essential to a productive day- make sure to get 7 - 8 hours sleep every night

Some days may be a struggle to wake.

Just dont think about it

Apply the 5second rule Mel Robins pioneered to be a metacognition. It works. Just count " 1, 2, 3,4, 5" and up you get out of bed ready to start your day . Not so bad huh?

Have some 'Me Time'

This is the best time to show gratitude to life, breathe and be at your calmest.
Have an Excercises routines/Work out session to boost your metabolism.

This is the perfect time for think about your thoughts or even meditate.

This is Called the Golden Hour- no Phone calls, no noise just you. Allow this time to be thankful of everything and acknowledgement of self worth

Get Ready

First thing first, Shower! Yes thats the first stop. You can use this time to shave however some men consider shaving a chore so some may not be soo keen which is not a problem.

Choose your outfit for the day- another tip is to choose your outfit the day before. That's what my Uncle usually did especially when he went to meetings the next day and also not be caught up choosing and outfit and eventually get anxious.

Check your Plans for the day and tasks on hand.
Ensure you're prepared for the day , spending some time with loved ones will aslo set you on the mood.


I conducted a questionaire about men usually on their routines

First up was Thobani Chiliza who cared to share how is Routine is like

Do you have a routine?

Thobani: On behalf of men yes

How would you describe your everyday Morning routine

Thobani: "I wake up at 4 every day Take a cold shower brash my teeth make read for 2 hours make a phone call to my son call my mum and ugogo then my day starts"

I also spoke to Talent Sishi who shared his rather interesting routines as well

Do you have a Morning routine?

Talent: Yes i wake up Pray, Gym, Check on dates
schedule and daily plan , Bath and Start
Start my day! Every day besides sunday"

I then asked him what made him see reason to have a routine

What impact did it have on you? Were the outcomes great?

Talent: i used to procrastinate alot before i had a routine and it all changed now i be doing things i didnt think I'd be able to do.
that's good each and every country I move to I have my routines on shape even when im back here in SA I have a routine!

No routine I loose balance and direction if I mess up or skip one day the entire week is messed up which leads to a month! So my routine is more important then everyone and I don't joke with it Also helps set goals of all things I need to obtain!.

Any word of wisdom you'd love to share?

Talent: I'm not worried about dying but in more concerned about dying with out accomplishing my goals and everyday when I look in the mirror and pray to the universe to help me help the forces to help me 🏆 one day!"


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